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Agreement  in Traditional and E-Contracts

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Team Presentations-Law1-Fall2015


Chp. 12 - Agreement in Traditional and E-Contracts 


 1.      Naomi tells Ogden, who has no knowledge of Shakespearean comedy, that she will tutor him in the subject for $50. As an offer, this is


a.         effective.

b.         not effective because comedy is not a serious subject.

c.         not effective because Naomi’s tutoring will be subjective.

d.         not effective because Ogden has no knowledge of the subject.



 2.      Lon says to Milli, “I would like to sell you my comic book collec­tion.” This is not an offer because it


a.         does not describe the subject matter specifically.

b.         does not include a price term.

c.         only expresses an opinion.

d.         only invites Milli to negotiate.      


 3.      Octavio receives from Pastry Dough, Inc., its catalogue and a “person­alized” letter inviting Octavio to buy any item at the advertised price. This is


a.         an offer because of the “person­alized” letter.

b.         an offer because there is no room for price negotiation.

c.         an offer only if Octavio previously bought items from Pastry Dough.

d.         not an offer.             


 4.      Barrett files a suit against City Moving Service for breach of contract, based on what Barrett claims was City Moving’s offer. For a court to de­termine if a contract has been breached, under the common law, the offer must include terms that are


            a.         exactly precise.

            b.         reasonably definite.

            c.         unequivocally approximate.

            d.         vague or uncertain.            


 5.      Casey offers to sell a certain used forklift to DIY Lumber Outlet, but Casey dies before DIY ac­cepts. Most likely, Casey’s death


a.         did not affect the offer.

b.         shortened the time of the offer but did not terminate it.

c.         extended the time of the offer.

d.         termi­nated the offer. 


 6.      Signe offers to sell Thomas her textbook but conditions the sale on Thomas ac­cepting the offer by March 1. Signe may revoke the offer


a.         before Thomas accepts the offer.

b.         before March 1, whether or not Thomas has accepted the offer.

c.         only after Thomas accepts the offer.

d.         only after March 1.           


 7.      Liz offers to sell Max her iPad for $200. Max says, “Okay, but only if you include the case and other accessories.” Max has


a.         accepted the offer.

b.         made a counteroffer without rejecting the offer.

c.         rejected the offer and made a counteroffer.

d.         rejected the offer without making a counteroffer.            


 8.      Farmland County Bank offers to lend money to Gino, the owner of Home Hardware Store, at 15 percent interest. Before Gino accepts, a state statute is enacted prohibiting loans at rates greater than 12 percent. Gino and the bank have


            a.         a contract for a loan at 15 percent interest.

            b.         a contract for a loan at 12 percent interest.

            c.         a contract for a loan at 0 percent interest.

            d.         no contract for a loan.        


 9.      Shasta offers to sell a used hay baler to Roberto, but receives a letter of accep­tance from Quito, who has no relation to Roberto. A valid contract exists between


            a.         Shasta and Roberto.

            b.         Shasta and Quito.

            c.         Roberto and Quito.

            d.         none of the choices.    


 10.    Quay Trucking Service tells Rafe that it will pay him $50 if he unloads a certain truck at the Shipping Warehouse. Rafe’s acceptance is complete


            a.         as soon as Rafe says he will unload the truck.

            b.         once Rafe starts to unload the truck.

            c.         only after Rafe unloads the truck.

            d.         when Rafe hears Quay’s offer.         


 11.    Crafted Metal Works, Inc., offers to design, make, and sell Downtown Transit Agency fourteen streetcars. Crafted Metal authorizes a particular mode of communication, but Downtown Transit sends an acceptance via a substituted means. This acceptance is effective when it is


a.         in transit.

b.         received.

c.         sent.

d.         written.         


 12.    Mark is creating Nu2U.com, a Web site through which he will enter into contracts over the Internet. Important terms to include in his offers include


a.         provisions specifying the remedies if the contract is breached.

b.         a detailed history of his business.

c.         glowing reviews from former customers.

d.         his educational background.     


 13.    Diverse Diversions, Inc., makes computer, video, and mobile device games. Ember buys a hard copy of Final Infinity. Inside the package is a shrink-wrap agreement. With respect to the contract for the game’s purchase, the shrink-wrap agreement may not be enforced if


a.         Ember does not read it.

b.         Ember learns of it after contracting.

c.         Ember learns of it before contracting.

d.         the play of the game is poor.


 14.    Deb buys a song through eSongs, an online music vendor. Before completing the purchase and downloading the song, Deb must review a provision stating that she will not make and sell copies of the song and is required to click “I agree.” This provision is


a.         a browse-wrap term.

b.         a click-on agreement.

c.         a shrink-wrap agreement.

d.         none of the choices.            


 15.    Standard Purchasing Corporation and Topmost Sales, Inc., enter into a part­nering agreement. Under a partnering agreement, parties agree


            a.         in advance to terms that apply to their future e-transactions.

            b.         to become partners.

            c.         to conduct transactions solely in electronic form.

            d.         to resolve all disputes without involving a third party.             


 16.    Kay and Leo enter into a contract that falls within the provisions of the UETA. Under the UETA, “an electronic sound, symbol, or process attached to or logically associated with a record and executed or adopted by a person with the intent to sign the record” is


            a.         an e-document.

            b.         an e-signature.

 c.         an e-transaction.

            d.         a record.



 17.    World Shipping Corporation enters into contracts with distributors and other buyers in e-commerce and in traditional commerce. The UETA applies, if at all, only to those transactions in which the parties agree to use


            a.         electronic means.

            b.         paper documents.

            c.         updates and cross-checks to orally verify any e-terms.

            d.         notarized documents. 


 18.    On behalf of Bobble Head Manufacturing Company, Carmela types her name at the bottom of an e-mail purchase order and submits the order to Designer Parts Company. Under the UETA, Carmela’s typed name qualifies as


            a.         a “signature.”

            b.         a statement of future intent.

            c.         a partnering agreement.

d.         a preliminary negotiation.


 19.    Lewis offers to make digital copies of Motivational Sales Company’s business conference videotapes, CDs, DVDs, and other media for $500. Under the mailbox rule and the UETA, Motivational Sales’ acceptance by e-mail will be considered effective when


a.         received.

b.         sent.

c.         followed up by a confirmation letter sent by regular mail.

d.         composed on a Motivational Sales computer.          


 20.    Medical Billing Collection Corporation and Naturopath Clinic make a deal for Medical Billing’s services via e-records. Under the UETA, an e-record is considered received when


            a.         it enters the recipient’s processing system in a readable form.

            b.         the recipient is aware of its receipt.

            c.         the recipient is aware that it has been sent.

 d.         it leaves the sender’s control.





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