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Law 12-OnCampus-Fall2015

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Fall 2015 Law Classes 






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Fall 2015 Law Classes

Week 0 - Orientation



Law 12 - Torts - Section #3237 

This class meets weekly,  Mondays, 8:15 pm - 9:55 pm - CMS 023

Prof  Jaime de la Garza, Esq. - Activities Textbooks  
Read  - Study Guide and Welcome Message 



Instructor:           Jaime de la Garza, Esq.

Office:                  Before or After Class on Mondays

Office hours:       Before or After Class on  Mondays

Phone:                  TBA

Email:                   jdelagarza4@gmail.com

Calendar:             Activities 

etudes site            http://etudes.org     


(Recommended Only - not required

Tort Law  By: Linda L. Edwards J. Stanley Edwards Patricia Kirtley Wells

ISBN:                  4th edition - 1428318496    ISBN-13: 9781428318496

Internet Materials:           Lexis-Nexis Online Summary of Torts -   print out as your textbook


Course Description:    Study of the law of torts including intentional torts, privileges, negligence, joint & several Liability, damages, defenses, liability without fault, product liability, strict liability, nuisance, trespass, economic torts, misuses of legal process, defamation, invasion of privacy, insurance, and workers' compensation.


Course Organization: Law I2 is organized into assignments, quizzes, and forum discussions. 

Grade Distribution

Tests = 40% of your grade

Assignments = 45% of your grade

Forum Discussions - 15% of points  

A = 90%

B = 80%

C = 70%

D = 60% 

A grade of C or greater is required to pass the class

For Assignments and Calendar of Activities see



Student Learning Outcomes:  Upon successful completion of this course, a student will be able to: 

1. Brief law cases in Torts, including intentional torts, negligence, strict liability, defamation, invasion of privacy,  and medical malpractice. 

2. Critically analyze and argue issues of  Torts,  including the above matters listed in #1. 

3. Prepare legal documents, forms or papers for initiating a tort lawsuit, along with a medical malpractice suit, suit for defamation, and invasion of privacy, along with preparing various motions including Motion to Dismiss, and Motion for Summary Judgment in a tort case.

Skill Level: College level reading and writing; ability to access the internet.  Necessary skills include proficiency using a word processing program, including spell checker, using a web browser, sending and receiving email, saving documents as RTFs (rich text format), uploading and attaching documents.   

Estimated Time per Week:  10 hours (see Carnegie Rule)

Class format: 
The class is entirely online. We use the etudes management system. Read information athttp://etudes.pbworks.com    Carefully read our policies.

The class follows a weekly format.  There are many opportunities for you to participate and earn points to attain a good grade.  

Online and on campus classes require your attention and effort.    There are activities and assignments each week; you will need to log into etudes several times a week and post all of your work under etudes.  

To be a successful online/hybrid student, you need to do schedule a regular time for studying, read and complete on line activities, and more.  


Technical Requirements:  The minimum computer requirements are:  Computer, either a Macintosh or IBM compatible; modem, minimum 28.8, broadband or high speed internet access is preferred and is required to view the videos.  Software:  Web browser software, preferably Firefox 3.5 or Internet Explorer 8, an e-mail address and a word processing program. 

Get Firefox: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/all.html 
Google Chrome - http://chrome.google.com  

Get a free email account at: www.mail.google.com


Students who do not have regular computer access may use computers in the campus Learning Resource Center.  Be sure to save all your papers and assignments on a flash drive.

Course Login:  http://etudes.org

Contacting Your Instructor:
  I check my email several times a day and respond to emails within 24 hours.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions; email me at:  jdelagarza4@gmail.com


2.  I am also available before or after class on Mondays    levant to the items being discussed.  



VOCABULARY - You are expected to read and understand the material presented in the assigned text and articles you locate. 

FORMAT - Papers submitted should be written in accordance with the APABluebook, or other recognized formatting style

GRAMMAR - Use active voice in your writing. Also use the spelling and grammar check feature of your Word Processor before submitting your papers. 


 Homework Assignments:  Assignments require you to read and brief law cases. Read the information on"briefing law cases". Below is the grading rubric for your case "briefs"

Students who plagiarize will receive zero credit on the assignment.

Quizzes:  The class is divided into weekly tests which require you to read information and apply it.  This is worth 40% of your grade.

Late Assignments  
 Our "Late Work"  Policy is firm.  


Dropping your class/Exclusion:  Check Academic Calendar for specified date to drop the class with a "W"

College regulations state that a student may be excluded from a course following accumulation of absences equal to a week of course work.  The 12th week of class is the last date a student may drop a class with a "W".  (or the 8th week in a "Late Start" class). Thereafter, the student must receive a grade in the class.


If a student has a accumulated score of 50 or below in the 12th week (or the 8th week in a "late Start" class) , it is deemed that the student has accumulated absences in excess of a week of course work, and the instructor MAY, but is NOT required to DROP the student from class, with or without notice. It is the sole responsibility of the student, and not the instructor, to drop the class

In addition, students who fail to login and post their introduction to class within the first (ten) days of class may be dropped from their online class. 


Website opens     Monday 8/24/15 so you can become familiar with etudes. The first on campus class is Monday, 8/31/15 @ 8:30 pm in CMS 023.      


 YOU MUST DROP THE CLASS YOURSELF ONLINE– OFFICIALLY –  Failure to do so may result in a grade of “F” in that class.

REGISTRATION INFORMATION Website – http://www.laccd.edu (Student Information System)
Admission Regular Office Hours (Subject to change) Monday and Thursday – 8am-5pm Tuesday and Wednesday – 8am-7pm Friday – 8am-12noon

Please note that a grade of C or higher is required for each of the 12 paralegal certificate classes.


Points will be posted on the class website after each activity closes. 


Reasonable Accommodation:   For students requiring accommodation the DSPS office provides special assistance in areas like: registering for courses, specialized tutoring, note-taking, mobility assistance, special instruction, testing assistance, special equipment, special materials, instructor liaisons, community referrals, and job placement.  The phone number for the Office of Students with Disabled Student Programs and Services is: (818) 364-7732. There website is http://lamission.edu/dsps 

*PLEASE NOTE:  The District required earlier and revised deadlines starting Summer 2012.  A “W” will appear on your 
transcript record after this date.  

REMINDER: There is a new LACCD enrollment limit.  The limit is now three times to take a class and includes both substandard grades and withdrawals. (See Important Notice, page 3 of the College Catalog)
New 3 Repeat Rule
All Students Please Read
Beginning Summer 2012: New 3 Repeat Rule


EFFECTIVE SUMMER 2012, course withdrawal (“W”) or a substandard  grade (“D,” “F,” or “NP”) count as an attempt at a course.  Only three attempts at any one course will be allowed, with some exceptions.  Listed below are the new rules that all students need to know about. 

• Students who drop or are excluded after the last day to drop without a grade of “W” will have a “W” appear on their transcript.  The “W” will count as an attempt for that course. 

• For the Spring semester, September 8, 2013 is  the last day to drop a 16-week semester length class without a “W.”  Students will be  able to drop a class online until this date. Contact the office of Admissions and Records for deadlines on late start, short-term and special program classes.

• A course in a student’s transcript which currently shows a recorded “W” counts as an attempt for that course.   

• Students will not be allowed to register for any course within the LACCD if there are three recorded attempts for that course in any combination of W, D, F, or NP grades.

• Add permits for a course within the LACCD will not be processed if there are three recorded attempts for that course in any combination of W, D, F, or NP grades.

• For courses specifically designated as “repeatable,” students may repeat up to three times (See Title 5 California Code of Regulations sections 55040, 55041, 58161).  

• Where the student’s number of enrollments in a course exceeds the allowable amount, the student may petition for an additional enrollment in cases of extenuating circumstances.  

What students should do: 
• Be sure you are academically ready for classes you enroll in.
• If you must drop a course, drop before the specifi ed deadline for dropping a class without a grade of “W.”



If you require special accommodations for a disability, religious holiday, or any other reason please inform your instructor(s) within the first week of the course and we will accommodate you if at all possible. For accommodations due to disability, you must consult with the Disabled Students Programs and Services Office after which we will abide by their recommendations.



see http://lamission.edu/de/student-services



  Updated:  7/25/15











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