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Chapter 6 - Spousal Support

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Family Law Quizzes


Chapter 6 -Spousal Support


1. What kind of obligation is created in FC 4300?

2.  What factors does the court consider in ordering spousal support? (FC 4320 Factors)

3.  What is "cohabitation" and how does if affect levels of support?

4.  What is considered a marriage of long duration under FC 4336?


5.  What is temporary support?  How long does it last?


6.  Which FC contains the statutory authority for the award of a temporary order of spousal support?


7.  Define and explain the four component parts of permanent or long term spousal support.


8. What does FC 4323 establish, and how does it work?


9. What does FC 4360 address and how does it work?


10.  Define "Date of Separation Needs" and how that affects levels of support


11. What constitutes a "change in circumstances" sufficient to justify the modification of a spousal support order? Is your answer different if the order sought to be modified is one of child support?


12. Explain the concept of reservation of jurisdiction in the context of an award of spousal support.


13. What is the significance of the term "earning capacity" vs. "actual earnings" in the context of support analysis?


14. How does the marital standard living figure in a support calculation? 

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