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1. SS-4   Employer ID Number - Federal
here is the 
SS-4 document (in word) & SS-4 Instructions

2. Statement by Domestic Stock Corporation for Secty of State
here is the form (revised 11/99 and filing fee = $20)

3. Fictitious Business Name Statement ( Select an acitivity which your corporation is going to engage in, and select a business trade name (other than the corporation name) to file your DBA.
general information on DBA (Sacramento County)        information and DBA forms ( L.A. County)

4. Employment Development Department, EDD DE 1 - State Tax ID
     information and forms are located here

5. Subchapter "S" election form 2553, IRC, Subchapter "S

6 Notice of Issuance of Shares pursuant to Corp. Code 25102 (f), as follows
here is the form    here are the fees

(f) Any offer or sale of any security in a transaction (other than
an offer or sale to a pension or profit-sharing trust of the issuer)
that meets each of the following criteria:
(1) Sales of the security are not made to more than 35 persons,
including persons not in this state.
(2) All purchasers either have a preexisting personal or business
relationship with the offeror or any of its partners, officers,
directors or controlling persons, or managers (as appointed or
elected by the members) if the offeror is a limited liability
company, or by reason of their business or financial experience or
the business or financial experience of their professional advisors
who are unaffiliated with and who are not compensated by the issuer
or any affiliate or selling agent of the issuer, directly or
indirectly, could be reasonably assumed to have the capacity to
protect their own interests in connection with the transaction.
(3) Each purchaser represents that the purchaser is purchasing for
the purchaser's own account (or a trust account if the purchaser is
a trustee) and not with a view to or for sale in connection with any
distribution of the security.
(4) The offer and sale of the security is not accomplished by the
publication of any advertisement. The number of purchasers referred
to above is exclusive of any described in subdivision (i), any
officer, director or affiliate of the issuer, or manager (as
appointed or elected by the members) if the issuer is a limited
liability company, and any other purchaser who the commissioner
designates by rule. For purposes of this section, a husband and wife
(together with any custodian or trustee acting for the account of
their minor children) are counted as one person and a partnership,
corporation or other organization that was not specifically formed
for the purpose of purchasing the security offered in reliance upon
this exemption, is counted as one person. The commissioner may by
rule require the issuer to file a notice of transactions under this
subdivision. However, the failure to file the notice or the failure
to file the notice within the time specified by the rule of the
commissioner shall not affect the availability of this exemption. An
issuer who fails to file the notice as provided by rule of the
commissioner shall, within 15 business days after demand by the
commissioner, file the notice and pay to the commissioner a fee equal
to the fee payable had the transaction been qualified under Section



Assignment # 1

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Assignment # 4

Assignment # 5

Assignment # 6


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