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Chp 49 case problem - Bailments

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Team Presentations - Law 19 - Spring 2015


Assignment #15 - Bailments - Standard of Care - Chapter 49 - Personal Property

Discuss the standard of care required from the bailee for the bailed property in the following situations, and determine whether the bailee breached that duty.

(a) Benedetto borrows Tom's lawn mower because his own law mower needs repair. Benedetto mows his front yard. To mow the backyard, he needs to move some hoses and lawn furniture. He leaves the mower in front of his house while doing so. When he returns, he discovers that the mower has been stolen.

(b) Atka owns a valuable speedboat. She is going on vacation and asks her neighbor, Regina, to store the boat in one stall of Regina's double garage. Regina consents,, and the boat is moved into the garage. Regina, in need of some grocery items for dinner drives to the store. When doing so, she leaves the garage door open, as is her custom. While she is at the store the speedboat is stolen.

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