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Rules on Repair and Deduct

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Team Presentations - Law 19 - Spring 2015


Assignment #12 - Repair and Deduct

Review the Rules on Repair and Deduct and also article on Habitability, then answer the following questions:

1. What Code Section governs rules on repairing and deducting?

2. How does the tenant send the notice to repair and deduct?

3. What does the "repair and deduct" remedy allow the tenant to do? what code section governs?

4. What are the basic requirements and steps for using the "repair and deduct remedy"? what code section governs?

5. What is a reasonable period of time for the landlord to make repairs?

6. Describe the abandonment remedy, and when would a tenant use it, and what code section governs?

7. What is the "rent withholding remedy? - how does the tenant do this, and what code section governs?

8. When can a tenant file a lawsuit against the landlord to recover money damages if the landlord does not repair serous defects? what code section applies?

9. How much in "special damages" may a court award to a tenant who wins such a lawsuit as mentioned in #8.

10. If the landlord decides to demolish the dwelling what must he or she do, how much notice, and what code section applies?

Now post your work below.

Prof J.

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