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7-11 Hypo

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Team Presentations - Law 16 - Spring 2015


Review the definitions of Relevant Evidence both FRE 401 and CEC 210 notes on relevance 

Then complete the following discussion:

A small convenience store (7-11 type) has been robbed: D is on trial: clerk testifies that D is the robber. There four items of evidence to review below:

1. the robber was pointing a gun at the clerk

2. clerk had seen D in the store 2 days before the robbery

3. D is unemployed

4. D is a heroin addict

Decide whether your represent the Prosecution or the Defense in this matter (trial). Formulate an argument suggesting how each item of evidence supports or detracts from the likelihood that D was the robber.

Note: Relevance of circumstantial evidence depends on an inference. In turn, inferences rest on generalizations favorable to your version of the events. Students can better analyze relevance issues if they can identify the generalizations allegedly connecting an item of evidence to a legal element (factual proposition).

good luck. Prof. J.

Post your answers to the questions in the box below.

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