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handout -1st  





Here is the agenda for our next class - Class  8  - 10-22-14


Put your answers on the answer sheet  and bring them to class.  Also you can look at the chapter outline for Chp. 16 – click here  and powerpoint – click\ here (older edition of textbook - 9th).  These are additional resources that might help you understand the legal principles. 

Here is the agenda

5:15 to 5:35 pm (20 mins) – cover Assignment #8 - Chapter 16 Case problem - Berane Case

5:35 pm to 6:20 pm (45 mins) – argue Chp. 16 answers in class. Be prepared you will be called in class to provide your answer and the reason you selected your answer.

6:20 pm – 6: 40 pm (20 mins) – cover Assignment #10 - Chapter 17 Case Problem - Pisani Case

remember once we start arguing the Chp. 16 answers, you will not be able to submit your test answer sheet and you will have to take the online version of the test in etudes by Sunday by 11:59 pm (with different questions)




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