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Post the Topic for Your Final Paper

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Post in the box below the topic you have chosen for your final paper. You can change this at a later date, but you need to start now to work on your paper, and thus this assignment to start your paper. 

Remember that your topic needs to be unique and specific. For example my topic will be the "death penalty" is not good enough. Take some time, think, and review the past papers to get some ideas .

Also include the process you took in picking the topic for your final paper
(e.g. I have always been interested in the death penalty. I realized that topic is too broad, so I went to google and typed in "recent death penalty cases". That took me to the Boston Bomber case and it got me thinking about how do you prosecute federal cases in federal courts and what problems are there. I am going to research that topic for my final paper. It may change in scope and become more narrow as I do my research.



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