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Message to class on 1-20-14

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Here is work in one place (except for the quiz which you access in etudes) for you to review. Remember, of course, all work is posted under etudes. These links, etc. just help you to review the links, cases, etc. before you post your work.


Week 3

# 8 3rd party rights - Read the Accia v Berane case,

#9 - Secured promissory notte  Please word process - Secured Promissory Note - Note that the promise to pay must be secured by a piece of collateral - normally this is a deed on your real property. Please make sure that you state the piece of collateral, and its location. Here is a sample of a secured promissory note for your review. Also look at whiteboard and screencast for this contract. Make sure you include the location of the real property (i.e. family residence located at xxxxxxxx address which will secure the performance of the contract and note)

#10 - Performance  - Read the Pisani v. Kreuger case, and follow the instructions


#11 - Breach of Contract - Read the Vuylsteke v. Broan case and follow the instructions. Look at whiteboard diagram and watch the video



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