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Business Law Newsletter - January 2014

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business law newsletters


Dear Professor Jordan:

We are pleased to bring you the January 2014 issue of the McGraw-Hill Business Law and Legal Environment of Business Newsletter, Proceedings.  We have developed this resource to help keep your classes interesting and current.  Click here to view the January issue, which includes:

  • Article abstracts with critical thinking questions
  • Video links with discussion questions and answers
  • Case hypothetical and ethical dilemmas (with answers)
  • Teaching tips to help you incorporate this newsletter into your class
  • A chapter key that integrates all of the above with each of our McGraw-Hill Business Law and Legal Environment of Business texts

Instructors across the country have told us they are looking for ways to include current examples and cases, and we hope this newsletter provides you with just that.  It is meant to be an easy and effective place to turn for some new discussion topics for your Business Law courses.  We will send a new issue each month, so keep an eye out for the next newsletter in February.


Michelle Nolte
Senior Marketing Manager, McGraw-Hill/Irwin


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