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additional comprehensive program review questions due 1-31-14

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Comprehensive Program Review Instructions


Your department has been scheduled for a comprehensive review in spring 2014. To complete this review, please provide the following to the Educational Planning Committee (email to pharesd@lamission.edu and to allenmk@lamission.edu) by January 31.

  1. Using the attached spreadsheet, briefly outline the program’s core goals and priorities for the next three years. Describe the rationale (data, information, reasoning, etc.) that supports your plans.  Do you foresee any changes in your field over the next few years that will impact the future direction of the department/program?

In addition, please provide answers to the following questions:

  1. Do the curriculum and scheduling of courses in your discipline provide a coherent sequential path in which your students’ goals of transfer, graduation, and certificate completion can be realized in a timely manner?  Please explain what data you use and how you make these evaluations.
  2. Has the curriculum kept pace with changes and developments in areas that would affect the program, e.g. university articulation requirements, developments in pedagogy, developments at other LACCD campuses, or requirements for commercial/industry skills? Briefly explain.    
  3. Are the department’s mission, goals, and objectives clearly articulated and communicated to faculty?  Briefly explain how you involve your faculty in setting goals.
  4. Does your department/discipline have an adequate procedure in place to determine whether it is meeting its instructional goals and objectives? Briefly explain this procedure and what data is collected to inform your analysis. 
  5. Describe the use of Social and/or instructional media, computers, and other technologies in your current program and any plans in this area for the coming year.
  6. How would you describe the morale and atmosphere within the department/program? How does your department/program promote collegiality among its faculty?


In addition, you will be meeting with EPC to discuss your review during the spring semester. All meetings are scheduled for Mondays at 2:00pm. The dates scheduled are:


Math/CSIT/Engineering:              Mar. 17

Business & Law:                            Apr. 14

English/Journalism/Speech:        Apr. 21

Cooperative Education:                May 5

Professional Studies:                     May 19


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