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Welcome to Law 16 - Fall 2013

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Fall Intro


Welcome to Law 16 for Fall 2013.


1st week assignment - Let's get going. Make sure you read the class syllabus and print out the calendar of activities (duedates).  The required textbook for the class is    Evidence for Paralegals
4th edition or later
by Cummins/Marlowe
ISBN: Fourth Edition,
ISBN-10: 0735558523
ISBN-13 9780735558526, published in 2007

Here is Chapter 1 and 2 (online) you can use while you are waiting to get your textbook.

See bookstore link for the book @ http://eagleslanding.lamission.edu

some good resources on evidence

1. Emmanuels Summary of Evidence
2. Hearsay Rules
3. Overview of Relevance and Hearsay - Prof. Garland
4. Overview of Hearsay


Grade Distribution

Tests 40% of your grade
Assignments 45% of your grade

Discussion Forums = 15 % of your grade


The class is divided into quizzes - 40% of your grade,  assignments - 45%, Class participation - Discussions  - weekly online discussions -15% of your grade

Quizzes/Tests (same thing) : 40%

            Test #A - Introduction to Evidence

            Test #B - Relevancy 

            Test #C - Hearsay Worksheet Questions       

            Test #D - Hearsay       

            Test #E - Hearsay Exceptions Review Quiz           

            Test #F - Hearsay Exceptions         

            Test #G - Character Evidence         

            Test #H - Habit and Custom           

            Test #I - Witness and Competency

            Test #J - Impeachment        

            Test #K - Authentication, Identification & Exhibits

            Test #L - Constitutional Restraints   

            Test #M - Common Law Privileges

Assignments - 45%

 The first assignment is to review evidentiary objections and assignment two is to review the Monroe case.

Class Participation - Discussions  - 15%

During the 1st week of class you will post your introduction under discussions, and also post to the following discussion topics - law study, legal argumentation, strategies against procrastination, learning ethics, reading law cases. Thereafter, each week, online students will post three times to each  

Class Rules

  • No cheating please - copying work, or quiz answers from another student is "cheating".
  • Be constructive and productive
  • Do not gripe or whine
  • Ask questions
  • Contribute replies
  • Expect to be misunderstood and to misunderstand
  • Don't take things personally
  • Be supportive
  • Remember that mistakes are learning opportunities
  • Learning is fun, challenging, frustrating, and exciting at the same time. 

    General Rules for Management:

  • Keep your posts short - one to two paragraphs.
  • Keep one topic/question per post - don't mix topics.
  • Keep your posts short - one to two paragraphs.
  • It is normal to feel lost. ASK lots of questions.
  • Keep one topic/question per post - don't mix topics.

    How does that sound? I think we can handle this. Did we forget anything?

    Let the journey begin !

Brief Description of our coverage of Evidence -    The class covers evidence. We start with relevance which is an essential element for use in a trial. Then we move on to the difficult topic of hearsay and hearsay exceptions. This is one of the most difficult concepts in all of law which confuses attorneys, judges, law students, and yes, you too. Once we climb the hearsay hill we then move on to character evidence, habit and custom, witness and competency, impeachment, authentication, constitutional issues and restraints and common law privileges.         


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