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pick a recent torts case

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Law 12

Assignment #1


Pick a recent Torts Case, carefully read the case and then do the following

1. pick a torts case, and click on the "briefed case link"
2. read the short summary, and then see the case citation at the bottom of the page
3. use Google Scholar (remember to click on "legal opinions" under the search line, otherwise you just get articles) and find the complete case by finding the case by using the case name and citation.
4. read the case
5. then post the following: give the complete name of the case.
6. state who won the case (the actual name, not appellant, or respondent, etc).
7. state the holding of the court - i.e. the legal principle applied by the court to resolve the matter.
8. use your "own words" - keep the "copying and pasting" of text from the case to a "minimum" - DO NOT "Brief the Case".
9. state how the ruling in the case changes the field of "tort law" and how you would apply it as a paralegal in a Torts/PI Law Firm.



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