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Sarah Caroline Ahmadieh
Cendy Anaya

Anna Andreeva

Christine Bell - Hyun Joung

Oscar Benitez

Sophia Bracken-Woodard

Bernadette Broach

Jahmisha Browne

Christine Buenrostro 

Grace Carbajal - did not pass 2 classes
Christy Clifft

Idania Contreras
Dawn Dale

Gevork Danielian

 Sonia E. DeLeon
Guadalupe D. Diaz

Ryan Dunn
Iris F. Goldman 

Annabelle Gonzalez

Shelly Guerena

Trisha Guerrero

Irene Haro
Leticia Hernandez

Kela M. Holmes

Donna Inmon

Mona Lisa James

Sara Justice

Doreen Kaarto

Christina Kroll

Carol Locus
Laura J. Lopez
Wendy S. Marroquin
Kathleen Martin

Anabel Martinez

Mark Mitchelson

Cindy Mullaney - cert signed/delivered

Evelyn Najmi

Annette C. Nelson
Joanne Nixon

Rochelle Ohmit

LaDawn Payne

Jennifer A. Penrose-Piacentine - D in Law 17 - needs to retake

Raylene M. Proto

Damaris Rodas

Samina Rodriquez

Maria Vanessa Rubio

Rosangela Salazar - D in Law 11 - needs to retake

Roberta Schrodetzki

Doyle Edward Sherman

Jennifer Thornton
Karen Venegas

Martha Villa

Krysta Warfield

Emily Wimmer

Zaruhi Yenokyan
Yeghsapet Elizabeth Zartarian



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