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class message 1-24-13

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Class Messages


Hello everyone to your moodle law class. You can now login.

Here is how you do it. Go to http://moodle.lamission.edu (bookmark this for the semester)

Then in upper left corner, type in your username (that is your Student ID - 881234567 as an example, no dashes, no spaces, and your mmdd of birth - 0605 as an example

Once you are in then click on Spring 2013 Moodle classes in upper left corner, or scroll down in the middle and click on Spring 2013 Moodle classes. Then go to your law class.

Here is a link I have now added to the Calendar  link - Spring 2013 Intro 

You will find it helpful as it includes a welcome message and info to all of our law classes, along with 
articles to read for your first week discussion forums. 

Also go ahead and purchase your textbooks - some are required,(Law 1,2,10,11,16,18,19, and 20), others the materials are onthe internet (Law 12,13,17 and 34). 

Welcome aboard and nice having you all as students.

The 1st week discussion forums will not open until Sunday evening - 2./3/13 - Superbowl  Sunday at 6 pm 

Prof J. 

Any questions about the class, please contact your online law instructor


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