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Law34OC sp13

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Welcome to Law 34 - Legal Research - Section #3305    Spring 2013 


 This is an hybrid/online class. Some of the students will be taking the class entirely online. The majority of students will be taking the class on campus/online.


The on campus portion of the class in on Tuesdays, 8:30 - 9:55 pm - 8:15 pm - CSB 102A - see http://lamission.edu/maps for the location. 


Your online instructor is Prof. Henry Soledad - his contact information is located at http://lamission.edu/~soledahm


His email is henry.soledad@gmail.com


Here are legal notes which will help with your legal research



legal research from my alma mater - Georgetown

Case Law Research Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to find judicial opinions, use digests and update cases.

  1.  Structure of the Court System & Introduction to the Concept of Precedent
  2.  Anatomy of a Case, Case Citation, and the Case Law Reporter System
  3.  How to Find Cases
  4.  Using Headnotes to Find Cases
  5.  Updating Cases Using Shepard's and KeyCite


and some more links

more information on legal citations - citations-more-info

legal research resources - http://delicious.com/profj/legalresearch

How to put together footnotes - footnotes.htm

Difference between a footnote and and endnote - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Endnotes


Here is a screencast which will help you use google scholar to find cases

How to use Google Scholar to find your law cases


There is a final research paper in the class  

Here is the format for the paper



Here is the grading rubric for the paper



Here are some past papers to give you an idea of what is expected



Our paralegal program (Law 17 and Law 34) will be participating in a online tutoring pilot project. More information will be forwarded to you at the beginning of the semester. Students will receive extra credit for consulting a tutor at least one 30 minute session during the semester. 


Please bookmark the following website for use during the semester - http://duedates.pbworks.com


Here is information you need to carefully read and understand:


1. Extensive welcome information message to all students - http://welcome.pbworks.com

2. Online study guide - http://abogado.pbworks.com/w/page/27895293/study%20guide

3. Check in Policies - http://abogado.pbworks.com/w/page/28267655/policies

4. How your online classes work - http://abogado.pbworks.com/w/page/1245731/how-to

5. Dear Online Student Letter -http://missionparalegal.pbworks.com/w/page/27637059/dear%20online%20student 2. Calendar activities for class

6. Syllabus with a course description

7. Textbook for the class -  (some classes use online/internet materials) - checkhttp://lamission.edu/law/textbooks

8. Where to start


You cannot login to our moodle class until Sunday evening @ 6 pm 2/3/13 -

you can then login at http://moodle.lamission.edu and scroll to  your law class


Your username = your student ID - 881234567  (no dashes-no spaces) and your passcode is your mmdd of birth (eg. June 5th is 0605)


Welcome aboard, and nice having you as students.


Here are general ground rules about posting to the online  discussion forums.  

    •    Be constructive and productive

    •    Do not gripe or whine

    •    Ask questions

    •    Contribute replies

    •    Expect to be misunderstood and to misunderstand 

    •    Don't take things personally

    •    Be supportive

    •    Remember that mistakes are learning opportunities

    •    Have BIG FUN! 
General Rules for Management:

    •    Keep your posts short -  2-5 paragraphs

    •    Keep one topic per post - don't mix topics.

    •    Keep your posts concise - 2-5 paragraphs.

    •    It is normal to feel lost. ASK lots of questions.

    •     How does that sound? I think we can handle this. Did we forget anything?

Tell us - and let the journey begin!

 Prof Jordan   


    •    for questions about the class, contact Prof. Soledad


    •  call or email Prof Jordan if you have any questions about the program - cell phone is 818-415-2015 - email abogado@pacbell.net   for broken links, email Prof Jordan directly, since he is webmaster for the law classes 

Prof J. 



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