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To add your law classes please do the following:


There is a new procedure adopted by Admissions and Mission for electronic adds.
Please carefully read it, and then follow the below instructions.

Here is a list of the Fall 2013 law classes (please select correct section) -  


Send me an email from your college email (laccd.edu email address) and NOT from your personal or home email address. Admissions will not accept a request to add an online class by email if it is sent from your personal email

Here is how to email me from your college email (laccd.edu)


PDF Icon

LACCD Student Email Forwarding Instruction

PDF Icon LACCD Student Email Detailed Guide
This is a pdf document that contains detailed instructions and functions of the student email system.
PDF Icon LACCD Student Email Starter Guide
This is a pdf document that describes basic functions of the student email system.
PDF Icon LACCD Student Frequently Asked Questions
This is a pdf document that provides answers to potentially frequently asked questions.

Now login to your college email
  (https://student.laccd.edu/) and email me the following: 


in the subject line of your email - " Please add me

in the body of your email:


your full name - eg. David Jordan

your student ID - eg. 88-123-4567

your email address:  your laccd.edu email

Name of Class: eg. Bus. Law I

Section Number - eg. 3301

If you are requesting to be added to more than one class, then please JUST ONE EMAIL REQUEST, not several. 


please send the above email to me ONLY at my laccd.edu email address at JORDANDC@lamission.edu  



Once Admissions receives your email from me, it will process your add. You need to follow up at the student information system to see if you were added to your classes.

If you were added, you will be uploaded to the etudes class (http://etudes.org) within 24 hours of being added to your classes. It takes at least one day then before you can login to etudes once you were added by Admissions

A few reasons for delays: your past semesters taken are not paid for and you owe fees, your email address you sent me the request is NOT your laccd.edu college email.

Check your Student Information System (SIS, under "main" and look at the top, and make this the same email address you use to send me the request 


Once you have been registered, email me and I will send you the Class Welcome message with information about the class (i.e. syllabus, textbook, calendar of activities, etc.) - email me if you do not receive it from me shortly after you are registered for your class(es)


Bookmark the following link for use throughout the semester - http://duedates.pbworks.com - This is the single, most important link you will use.


Disclaimer: The last day to add classes is  9/6/13. There is no guarantee or warranty that you will be added to your law classes. However, we will do the best we can ti get to get you added. 


Once you receive an email from Admissions or from me that you have been added, then check and carefully read the Welcome message for each class you are enrolled in. 


updated: 8/13/13 @ 7:44 am



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