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Law 13 - Wills and Trusts materials



Quiz #A and Quiz #B are taken from (formerly Chp. 53 - 7th edition - West Bus Law - see below)
Quiz #C, D, and E are taken from Chp. 51 - 9th edition - West Bus. Law - see below

1.  Formerly Chp. 53 Chapter of the Textbook West Bus. Law Wills and Trusts Outline - 7th Edition 

2. Formerly Chp. 53 - Chapter Summary West Bus Law Outline on Wills and Trusts - 7th edition

3.  Instructor Manual - Chp. 51 - West Bus. Law

4.  Chp 51 Powerpoint Presentation - Wills and Trusts

5.  Chp. 51 - Outline - Wills and Trusts

6.  California Probate Code Sections for Wills
7.  Trusts and Wills Outline  
8.  Wills and Trust cases  
9.  Sample Will  

10. California Statutory wills  

11.  Analyze Recent Wills and Trusts Case  

12. Review Powerpoint slides on Wills, Trusts and Elder Law 

13. Read Introduction to Living Trusts  

15. Review Intervivos Information  

16. What are living trusts - Differences between wills an living trusts  

17. Review General Revocable Trusts  

19. Review Pour Over Will  

20. Review Sample Pour Over Will  

21. Review Top Ten Planning Resources Estate  

23. Steps in Administering a California Estate    

24.  Read about Advanced Health Care Directives and here is the form (word doc) or fillable pdf form - print out/scan and attach - does not save information

25. Read about Power of Attorney 

26. Read Advanced Care Directive - Calif   

27. Read Caretaker's Affidavit  
28. Read about Conservatorships 

29. Read about Emancipations

30. Read Simplified Probate Procedures 

31. Read Petition to Establish Birth 

32. Read about Life Insurance Trusts  

33. Read about  Probate Administration 

updated: 12/31/16 

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