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from ELAC plan 


Educational Opportunity and Access. We are offering an ever-improving quality education by 

broadening student pathways, empowering our community members and transforming their educational 

aspirations through an affordable education. 

Student-Centered Instruction and Support Services. We are increasing our teaching effectiveness by 

employing interactive, student-centered strategies that engage students in the learning process and provide 

them with the opportunity to reflect on their own learning as they pursue their academic goals. We are 

continually enhancing each student‘s ability to succeed through student-focused support services and 

state-of-the-art educational technology. All aspects of our educational program, be it basic skills, careertechnical, or transfer instruction, foster each student‘s development as a global citizen and lifelong 


Skilled Workforce for the Competitive Global Market. We are developing stronger ties with local and 

global organizations, businesses, high schools and other academic institutions, our district and the state to 

build innovative programs that will cultivate a sustainable community. 

Community-Centered Institution. We are growing our campus as a multicultural center, providing 

diverse activities that promote cultural awareness, sensitivity, and unity and enrich the community 

through the arts and scholarly enhancement. 

Accountability and Fiscal Responsibility. We are strengthening our commitment to shared governance 

and data-driven decision making by giving priority to endeavors that ensure student success while 

maintaining the financial viability of the college through our accountable planning process.  


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