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Family Law Forms



Facts for Family Law Forms


You work in a small law firm.  Your office personnel consist of two attorneys, 1 paralegal, three legal secretaries and a receptionist.  Your small firm handles all types of legal matters.  They handle all of their client’s needs.  Much of their new business is from word of mouth.  Last week a woman was referred to the office by a friend. 


The woman found out her husband has been philandering and she wants to get a divorce.  She doesn’t know if her husband will contest the divorce or not.  Her name is Mrs. Angelina Jolie.  The date of separation from her husband, Brad Pitt was February 5, 2017.  She is not opposed to having joint legal custody of their children, however she requests that she have sole physical custody and she is prepared to be fair with visitations between her husband Brad Pitt  and the children.  


Angelina Jolie was born on December 25, 1980 in Southern California (SSN 626-34-8761, CDI N24456732).  She has stated that she would prefer to keep her last name, Pitt because of her children.  She met her husband Brad Pitt while attending Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.   He was born May 23, 1979 in Northern California  (SSN 464-28-3987, CDL A29765931).  They dated in college then lost touch.  A few years later, both working for the same company in Southern California, they resumed their relationship, and were married on April 15, 2001.   Angelina and Brad have  a total of three children their full names, date of birth and Social Security


Numbers are as follows:


Shiloh Pitt    4/10/07 - 10 years old   SSN  862-34-2981    F

Maddox Pitt  7/5/05 - 12 years old     SSN  399-23-4386   M
Zahara Pitt  8/15/14  - 3 years old
    SSN   234-56-8910   F 


Real Property


In 2004,  Angelina lost her Grandfather and received a substantial inheritance of $155,000 in the form of an insurance policy, which was added to their savings of $50,000 and used to purchase the family home located at 560  Glenwood Drive, Glendale, Ca. 91204.  Purchase price was $375,000.  They financed the remaining $170,000 over 30 years through Hoover Home Funding.  They currently owe $78,234.  Loan #R2867545.  The current value of the property is $1,678.344. The Legal Description (metes and bounds) for the family residence is as follows:


Lot 21 of Tract 3020 in the City of Glendale, County of Los Angeles, State of California, as per Map recorded in Book 3281 Pages 65-67 of Maps in the Office of the County Recorder of said County, commonly known as:

560 Glenwood Drive, Glendale, Ca. 91204


A similar property two doors down recently sold for $1,453.344.  Angelina has been and is still living in the family residence with all 3 of her children all of whom attend The Marborough School.  A private school two blocks from their home.  Her granddad also left her his rare cane collection which he had appraised for insurance purposes at $54,000.


Beach House


Angelina's mom passed away in 1996, leaving her the family beach house in Newport Beach.  It is a Duplex on the boardwalk in Newport Beach near the pier.  Angelina rents out one of the units to a couple of UC Irvine kids from Sept. thru June @$1200/month.  During the summer, she keeps it available for visiting family and friends, as well as for her own kids to use.  The Legal Description for the Beach house is as follows:


Duplex (one 2-BR and one 3-BR)

Lot 69, Block G, Tract 338, in the City of Newport Beach, County of Orange, State of California as per map recorded in Book 1, pages 42-47 of Maps in the Office of the County Recorder of said County.  It is commonly known as:  102 – 32nd Street, Newport Beach, Ca.  92663.  A.P.N.: 002-83-0080


There is no more Real Property belonging to the parties.


Brad Pitt still works with what is now known as Cessna Aircraft Company.  They design, produce, sell and maintain aircraft for military and civilian purposes, both here and internationally.  Brad is the Liaison Engineer responsible for integrity of military aircraft.  His office is situated in the Long Beach Facility. However, he is just as often at the hangar in Palmdale when he is in Southern California.  Approx. two to three weeks each month he is at the Corp. HQ in Seattle, or he also gets mail delivery at the small hotel he stays at.  The name, address and phone number of said Hotel is:  The Eagle’s Nest Inn, 4680 Saratoga Road, Langley, WA  98260.  (360) 221-5331.  He usually stays in Room 7, but you will have to call the Hotel to verify the Room # during any particular stay.


Any Vehicles, Boats, Trailers, etc…


The Community owns 3 vehicles:


'01 Mercedes MLV50 Blk CL: FRIDAS1  <owes $8,000>. $ 40,000

'02 Cad EL Dorado DP Burg CL: FRIDAS2 <owes $20,000> $ 36,000

'02 Jag Roadster Dp Teal CL: SRACER <owes $5,000> $ 45,000


Partnerships/Business Interests/Unsecured Notes/Accts Rec, = NONE


Deferred Compensation Pre-Tax $ for tuition payment of $5,000


No Annuities No profit sharing


Roll-over IRAs $42,000 plus interest each of the two of us in Charles Schwab Account # 11-25-8877963 in the name of Angelina Jolie and Schwab Acct# 11-25-8877964 in the name of Brad Pitt. Also, Brad Pitt has accumulated 10 years of service with Cessna while married to client. Retirement Account 10 yrs. of service


Bonds:  None


Mutual Funds


$20,000 in Premier Risk Rate C Franklin Acct #C7809972, and $80,000 in Tech fund Risk Rate B Franklin Acct #B6465353


Secured Notes:  None 


Stock Certificates


Blue Chip Stock Certificates brokered through Equifax Investment Program:


Exxon Co USA 11,000 shares at $48/share

Boeing 5000 shares $64/Share

Disney 7,000 shares@ $33/share

Greek Shipping 3300 shares@ $16/share

Norwegian Cruise Lines Stock Purchase 1,000 shares @ $16/share

Guitar Center Inc. 800 shares @ $40/share 


Tax refund has already been distributed


Roll-over CDs each 6 month period. There are 5 accts of $100,000 each, for a total of $500,000., plus interest. The acct #s are ACU LCD-1647-330-58835; lcd-1647-330-58883; lcd-1647-330-58912; lcd 1647-330-58973, and lcd-1647-59008.


The community has various checking accounts:


Jefferson Mutual Acct # SI-423-192020 Savings Acct with $50,000; both

Jefferson Mutual Acct # CI-421-192449;Checking acct with $2,000 both

Aerospace Credit Union Acct # 1647-310-74512, Checking $2500 in  husband's name

Aerospace Credit Union Acct # 1647-310-74708; Checking $2200 in wife's name

Aerospace Credit Union Acct # 1647-330-55879; Savings $30,000 both

Coin Collection insured at $ 600,000 Brad Pitt gathered and purchased during career as Eagle Scout. Separate Property of Husband and should stay as such.


Separate property of Priscilla Presley Baker

Cane Collection insured for $60,000 willed to Angelina  from her paternal grandad.


2 Yamagata signed lithos (The Heist and County Fair) given as gifts insured for $25,000 each


3 sculptures by Dominguez sentimental value, priceless separate property


Community Property

Home furnishings at Beach House are separate property. Valued at$4,000


Home furnishings and furniture valued at about 20,000 @ 50% =$10,000


Misc. Jewelry given to wife as gifts totaling $ 10,000


Misc. jewelry given as gift to husband totaling $ 4,500


Misc. clothing, and other property of a personal nature belonging and in the possession of each party, themselves, or packed away in family residence. $5,000 each.


Set of 24 place settings in Noritake China. Wedding Gift from Angelina's  dad. Much sentimental Value can't put price but insured for $18,000


Husband earns $160,000/yr. less $60,000 in deferred comp.


The Case Number in this matter is:   NED DIV 056782


The facts of the case may be updated from time to time. So look at the date that appears at the bottom of this page to see if you have the most current version of the facts of the case.


Updated: 2/20/17 



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