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Minutes DE – 4-21-10



1. Status of Sub Change. – Present to Student Success Committee and update them – sub committee of  Board. Overview, where we are and need to present.  Acad  Senate will approve in early May, and then by College Council. Wait until approved, meet with the Task Force. Present timeline to Task Force, at least two meetings in Summer.  Talk to Gary Colombo.  He said let him know when we are ready to go forward.  Next College Council is 5/20, Senate is May 6th.  Start to call together members.  How do form it. We have list.  How large of committee -  email people in charge and designate one person.  It is major task.  Members could select work group.  13 areas.  See last meeting. -  short description and process of sub change.
Paul and DJ – Call meeting before end of semester. Day and time – May 13 th – 1 pm in Campus Center.  Get chairs of each – if you are unable to participate then designate – LRC Director is Stephanie.

2.  Academic Quality Rubric – Paul Mckenna – from Orange Coast CC – adopted it. Same rubric used In state of Maryland.  7 areas and 3 levels. Much stronger than what we use.  More in depth and could be used in evaluation.  Very specific and detailed. Paul suggests we take it to Curriculum. Also helps to give feedback to faculty .  Chair of History at ELAC – Barbara Hunsheath presented it. She is experienced online instructor. Can pass it onto Dept. Chairs – and also suggest do training. Could be used for shell review, and also good tool for Faculty Chairs and also give it to faculty who are developing new online classes.  Merge with current form, and work with Said, and Paul and update the rubric.  Advertise to faculty as expectations and current standards. Should also go through Council of Instruction. During Flex day can educate the faculty.  Said says we should shoot for Fall. If endorsed in May DE meeting then can be added to Flex. Said says announce it in the May curriculum meeting.  Current one is just too numerical and not as descriptive and has three categories. Much easier to communicate to the faculty.

3.  Review of Shells – 4/28 Weds. At 1 pm – Bio 33,  Philo 33, and  Soc 28

Bus. 1 and Mktg. 21 – Summer -  we will do the review of  remaining online classes -

Health Class will be taught by Heather Eubanks. Contact Leslie –

email Leslie – and Dj will get list of all online classes. Contact Irma

4  Moodle Contract – give status, careful on growth, more of business model -  
how do we know what is our share? It can be charged back – should be based on usage. – confirm with Jorge Mata – we need to see graphics, chart – intends to use model of CCC Apply – check Hanna. We need to plan our growth in online classes.
throw in 4% for growth. What is usage for all colleges and what is price per student.
Maury can look at enrollment – and determine price per student. Let Budget and Planning know.

5. Ecollege – just finished uploading roster – with Dominic Kwan at District to send files and will upload roster. Myriam met with them last week. Make list of priorities of classes. They are taking Soc, Psyche Labs, etc into ECollege, Soc and Psyche then Poli Science, Philo. Shells reading for fall – October date – for review – soc 1,2,4,28 – 5, psyche is one – about 8 – new platform. Faculty  is being trained now, and get shells to DE in October.  Galleys for Springs – Oct. 15 Shell review deadline, so ready by 2nd week of September.  Spring schedule will be in early October.  Certification.
40 hours – ok with trainer getting paid. Training should be rigorous, same as etudes and moodle, and concludes with review of the shell.  Let’s see what the curriculum is for ECollege.  Our 3 person review team, Tech Review needs at least 2 more members who have gone through the process, so we can use another person – not new courses but new platforms. Should be a modified process.  Myriam will have Pearson put through curriculum  

Paul suggests additional meeting in LRC – with Vilma and Myriam and Gina – and Alma, invite Chairs.


Need to train new persons in reviewing shells -  

Gina wants to be on committee – plan fall meeting dates and times


4. Supersized classes – see our policies on Feb. 2010 added – per Alma needs to be a Department policy. We are talking about  quality of instruction. We need to adhere to the contract.  Paul says we need to limit students to less than 50. If we do not have agreement.  One faculty said he is not asking for more compensation and he had 67 in an online class. If Department agrees it is OK. If DE says there is limit of less than 50, then faculty may have a grievance.  We can make a Best Practice Recommendation. It would create problem if we put a cap on how many students in a class. We can establish a seat capacity of 67 on campus, and online is just a delivery.  Can do email or skype meeting of Department. We could use DE Recommendation as a guideline for Dept. Chairs.  We should announce it to EPC and get support.  We can make announcement of Best Practice in size of online class.  By Monday of 3rd week.   – communicate realistic expectations.   Ongoing discussion on this.  Until contract changes, we will not implement.

5.  Notify faculty of suspension of new online class applications -
State at Council of Instruction ? – Put it on De webpage. On Flex Day we announce status of Sub Change Task Force. Fall 2011 at earliest date, but should get trained, and online pedagogy.

6. Online Pedagogy – get Shell review list.  Notify all faculty of requirement – for Online Pedagogy. We needs to create data base of all online classes and Said and DJ
All letters to faculty of requirement to get Online Pedagogy class.
Flex credit for  - email Doug Mcferran, Wakana Sakei, Virgina Layne.
trigger date – certified on  July 1st, shell reviewed on April 2nd, with year. 5 years start from curriculum approval. -  1st semester they teach.





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