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DE Shell Review Rubric http://lamission.edu/curriculum/forms/DE_Rubric.pdf

Overview-Summary Content
Forums Quizzes



2. Assessment and Measurement

2.1  (Content & Assignments) The types of assessments selected and the methods used for submitting
assessments are appropriate for the distance learning environment. Multiple methods of student assessment appropriate for the course. Requirements and directions clearly stated. (content and design)

Best Practices

2.2 (Discussions) Sufficient discussion topics referenced to the textbook or assignments. Clean discussion forums topics. Open and closing dates published learning objectives forums to meet course grading criteria. Evidence of regular instructor participation in discussion forums.

Best Practices -


2.3 (Quizzes)  Collaboration activities as appropriate for course learning objectives.  If quizzes are used, quizzes have appropriate durations and availability dates. Open and closing dates are posted. Policy of time limits and number of times students may take a quiz is posted. Responses are provided for
the quizzes. Grade book function is used and up to date.

Best Practices -

Best Practices and Additional Resources

quality matters checklist

online tests

1. Give campus-based, proctored tests when it is feasible to do so.
2. Give timed online tests.
3. Make online tests available for a limited period of time.
4. Design online test questions in a manner that it isn’t easy for learners to look up information and still complete the test on time.
5. Utilize a variety of question types, i.e. multiple choice, fill-in, and short answer.
6. Include several questions that relate directly to online discussions. These questions will be difficult to answer by someone who hasn’t actually participated in the discussions.
7. Take security measures such as issue a password to enter the online test; arrange that a learner contact you before gaining access to the test; or utilize a lockdown browser to prevent printing, copying, going to another URL, or accessing other applications.
8. Randomize the question and answer order. If you choose to randomize answers, consider not using answers such as ‘all the above,’ ‘both a and b are true,’ etc. The randomization may cause these answers to be invalid.
9. Deliver one question at a time.
10. Don’t release the test to learners after the test has been completed.
11. Don’t rely on online testing for grading learners. Make sure you have at least two other methods of evaluation, such as papers, discussion participation, or projects.
12. Utilize a plagiarism detection

instructional activities

designing online discussions

best practices - student centered class

course assessment

Principles of Best Practices - 7 parts


sample statements for your online class

sample moodle gradebook weighting

also moodle gradebook tutorial

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