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Invent a Product.

Description of Goods

Sample #1


1. Agui Industries, hereinafter referred to as Seller/Inventor, and Best Buy, hereinafter referred to as Buyer, hereby agree on this day of June 6 in the year of 2010 to the following terms. 

A.  Identities of the Parties

2.  Seller, whose Corporate Office address is 13272 West 7th Street, in the city of Los Angeles, state of California, is in the business of Electronics and Entertainment. 

Buyer, whose Corporate Building address is 120 West 34th Street, in the city of New York, state of New York, is in the business of Franchise Electronic Retailing.

B.  Description of the Goods

3. The goods for sale are a product invented by Richard Aguinaga, CEO of Agui Industries, are office/home electronic supplies. This specific product is a portable printer named PrintOn model#: SM3, now referred to as good(s). This printer is portable and wireless. It can receive wireless internet, meaning it can receive emails for documents that need to be printed. It is all document compatible: pdf., doc., gif., etc. It also has built in Bluetooth, meaning files can be transferred directly from your phone straight to the printer. It can also pick up laptops and other home computers wirelessly. It also has USB slots, media card slots, and SD card slots. The dimensions of product are 12’ inches by 5 inches by 2 inches. It can easily fit into a laptop case or in car compartments for those emergency files to be printed.

Sample #2

Product Description: H2O Aqua Phone™ is a 100% fully water-proof submersible cell phone that includes a state of the art, first of its kind buoyancy feature that allows phone to float on the surface of water. The Aqua Phone™ also features a camera, mp3 player, video capability and is rechargeable either by a/c or car charger.


The parties wish to enter into a transaction for the sale and delivery of ten thousand H2O Aqua Phones ™ (the “Goods”) to be purchased by Costco Wholesale and resold at a retail value of buyer’s choosing only in Costco Stores exclusively have agreed to the following terms:

Sample #3

SALE OF GOODS: Seller agrees to transfer and deliver to Buyer, on or before December 31, 2010, the following goods: 100,000 units of individually packaged portable Health Scan devices including proprietary software. These devices utilize low dosage magnetic resonance imaging technology that can be used as an easily accessible and inexpensive health diagnostic tool for any living vertebrate. The Health Scan records the diagnostic information and displays and interprets the 3-D images on any computer using the included software program.

Provisions to Consider

for Seller
for Buyer
Right of Inspection
Security Interest
Fair Labor Standards Act
Jurisdiction and Forum Selection
Governing Law
Jurisdiction and Venue Selection
Condition of Goods
Force Majeure
Risk of Loss
Severability Clause
Dispute Resolution
Cumulative Rights
Attorneys fees and costs
Receipt construed as delivery

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