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pleading rubric

Page history last edited by abogado 13 years, 7 months ago


Content: (total of 60 points)

Relates to assignment (10 points)

Logical organization (10 points)

Ideas clearly expressed (10 points)

Breadth & depth appropriate for assignment (10 points)

Grammar (4 points)

Spelling (4 points)

Punctuation (4 points)

Proper use of quotations (4 points)

Proper use of citations (4 points) 

Form:  (total of 40 points)

All required components present (20 points):

            Jurisdictional cover sheet

Notice to Defend



            Consecutively numbered paragraphs

            Proper division into Counts

            Incorporation by reference paragraphs

            Prayer for relief 

            Signature line


Adherence to same format/style/tense throughout document (10 points)

Correct quotation form (5 points)

Correct citation form (5 points)


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