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add users moodle

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Add New Users to Moodle

Watch Video (short- less than 5 minutes) - http://vimeo.com/14576634

Written Instructions

1. go to "users" - at HOME, lower left corner
2.click on USERS
3. click on "Browse list of Users"
4. click on right on "Advanced"
5. type in email of student
6. click on enter to see if student has set up another account with their email
7.if so then click on student name, edit profile, and see if the username is 88-123-4567. If not, it means student set up their own account
8. then scroll down and add a 1 to their email account, eg. john@yahoo.com, change it to john1@yahoo.com, this will allow you to create a correct account with john@yahoo.com
9. If no account, or you have changed the other existing account, then now click on USERS again, Add new user, type in username = student ID, password = monthday of birth (student has to email you this information), firstname, lastname, email address, and City - Los Angeles or Sylmar
10. click on Save and you have created new student account
11. now go to your moodle class
12. on left side click on "Assign roles"
13. type in student name on right, it will find new created student account, and then add student to your moodle class, and email your student they can now login to your moodle account with their student ID and monthday of birth.

good luck.



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