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Steps to Add  a New Student to your Moodle class

 have your student email you the following information:
1. student full name as registered in SIS
2. email address
3. student ID
4. monthday of birth

this is what you do.
1. go to home
2. click on lower left corner on "users"
3. click on "add user"
4. add the student ID, as username, then monthday as password, then firstname, lastname, then email address, and city = Los Angeles,or Sylmar, click on save.
5. then go back to your moodle class, click on "assign roles" (left side) and then type in his name on right side, and then add him to your class, and email the student that they can now login to your class.

watch this video for on how to do it

good luck.
Prof J.

8-30-10 at 2:42 pm





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