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Test E

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law20 tests

Test #E - Chapters 11, 12 & 13

Answer the Questions below (Please post both the questions and answers in your moodle classroom)

Quiz E - on Chp. 11,12, and 13 of Textbook


1. What are the two (2) basic requirements for settling estates without a formal probate?

2. What are the (3) three separate procedures for small estates and what probate code governs each?

3. What are the waiting periods for transferring small estates, and what is the maximum liability of a transferee for such transferred assets?

4. What property is not counted when computing if the gross estate is under $100,000 pursuant to §13050 of the Probate Code?

5.What are the ten(10) statements you must provide in the affidavit for collection of personal property under Calif. Probate Code §13100?

6. What does the Independent Administration of Estates Act allow you to do without a court approval and what code section applies?

7. How do you "prove a will"?

8. What are probate calendar notes and what is RFA?

9. What are some situations which require a probate bond?

10. What is a Waiver of Accounting and when does it apply?



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