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Test A

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law20 tests

Test #A - Chp 1 and Chp 2

Copy and paste the following questions, and then answer each question, and then copy and paste the questions and answers together in the moodle classroom. This helps the online instructor in grading your work.

Here are the questions:

Quiz on Chp. 1 and 2 - Textbook

1. What are the preliminary steps in settling an estate?

2. What are the common types of property in a simple estate?

3. What is the difference between the "gross" and "net" estate?

4. List the types of property that need not be probated.

5. Are safe-deposit boxes sealed on the death of the box holder? How do you obtain the contents?

6. What does a declaration under Prob. Code ยง13500 provide for? what are the restrictions? what kind of property does it cover, does it not cover?

7. If a decedent dies on April 28th, can the estate cash Decedent's Social Security Check for April? for May? and why, or why not?

8. What is a "Totten Trust" and how does a beneficiary get the funds released?

9. Why are the proceeds of life insurance not part of the decedent's estate?

10. When can the Department of Health Services impose a lien to recover medical expenses? and impose a lien on what?


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