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Update Your Email

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Update your Email Address


It is important to update your email both at the Student Information System and also under your profile at your moodle class site. If you do not update both at the SIS and at moodle you will not correctly receive class emails and you may miss out on valuable information and assignments.

Here is how to update your email under your "moodle profile" - click on You Tube Video on how to update your profile

written instructions -
1. login to moodle - username = your student ID (88xxxxxxx) - passcode = monthday of birth (eg. 0601 for June 1st if that i your birhtday)
2. click on "Participants" - upper left corner of moodle.
3. find your name and click on it
4. then click on tab at top under "edit profile"
5. then update your email address to your current email address
6.  here is
How to set your profile  to not receive emails every time a student posts to the class forum discussions and instead receive one daily digest (usually received around 5 pm every day)    

Updating your email at the
Student Information System (SIS)
  - If you do not update your email address under the Student Information system you will not receive class "mass emails" when your instructor uses the SIS system, or uses your moodle NEWS FORUM to email the entire class.

Click here for instructions on how to update your SIS email.



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