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Content of Sub Change

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VI. Required Format and Content of the Substantive Change


Cover Sheet:

The cover sheet must include “Substantive Change Proposal,” the title of the sub-

stantive change, the name and address of the institu tion, the date of submission,

and the name and title of the indi vidual responsible for preparing the proposal.

Required Format and Content of the Substantive Change Proposal

Table of Contents:

The Table of Contents should have page numbers for the body of the proposal and

should list supporting appended documentation of evidence.

The Substantive Change Proposal should include the following content where ap-


A. A concise description of the proposed change and the reasons for it.

• A brief description of the change.

• Evidence of a clear relationship to the institution’s stated mission.

• Discussion of the rationale for the change.

B. If the substantive change involves a new educational program, a description of

the program to be offered including evidence that:

• The educational purposes of the change are clear and appropriate.

• All relevant Commission policies are addressed.

• The proposed program meets accreditation standards related to Student

Learning Programs and Services and Resources.

C. A description of the planning process which led to the request for the change,


• How the change relates to the institution’s planning process and stated mis-


• The assessment of needs and resources which has taken place.

• The anticipated effect of the proposed change on the rest of the institution.

• A clear statement of the intended benefits that will result from the change.

• A description of the preparation and planning process for the change.

D. Evidence that the institution has analyzed and provided for adequate human,

administrative, financial, and physical resources and processes necessary to

initiate, maintain, and monitor the change and to assure that the activities un-

dertaken are accomplished with acceptable quality, including:

• Evidence of sufficient and qualified faculty, management, and support staff-


• Evidence of appropriate equipment and facilities, including adequate con-

trol over any off-campus site.

• Evidence of fiscal resources including the initial and long-term amount and

sources of funding for the proposed change.

• Evidence of a plan for monitoring achievement of the desired outcomes of

the proposed change.

E. Evidence that the institution has received all necessary internal or external ap-

provals, including:

• A clear statement of what faculty, administrative, governing board, or

regulatory agency approvals are needed, and evidence that they have been


• Evidence that any legal requirements have been met.

• Evidence of governing board action to approve the change and any budget

supporting the change.

F. Evidence that each Eligibility Requirement will still be fulfilled related to the

change. Any requirements that are particularly impacted by the change should

be addressed in detail.

G. Evidence that each accreditation standard will still be fulfilled related to the

change and that all relevant Commission policies are addressed. Any standards

that are particularly impacted by the change should be addressed in detail.

 There should be a description of the process for monitoring and evaluating the

effectiveness and learning out comes expected through the proposed change.

effectiveness and learning out comes expected through the proposed change.

H. Other information requested by Commission staff that is pertinent to the spe-

cific nature of the change.  Depending on the nature of the proposed change,

the Commission may ask for more detailed information to assist the staff and

the Committee on Substantive Change in their reviews.

While the college is developing the Substantive Change Proposal, the Commission

recommends sending a draft proposal to staff electronically. Feedback on the proposal will be provided electronically. Once the proposal is ready for review by the Committee on Substantive Change, send one hard copy and one electronic copy to Commission staff.  Staff will send instructions for mailing (U.S. Postal Service only) and will forward the electronic copy to the appropriate Committee members.


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