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How to Download Individual Chapters of West Business Law 12th Edition




We use West Business Law 12th Edition (starting Spring 2013/Fall2013) for Law 1,2,10 and 19. Many students email about using the 9th, 10th, or 11th editions as they are much cheaper. The answer is as follows: if you plan on only taking Bus. Law 1 as a transferable class, then you should probably just download (at $5.00 per chapter) the 10 or so chapters we cover in that class from Ichapters- WBL - 12th Edition  If you take Law 1,2, 10 and 19 for the paralegal certificate, then it would be better to just purchase the entire book and use it for the four (4) classes.


If you decided to use the 9th, 10th or 11th  Edition, you do so at your "own risk". The quizzes in each one of the four (4) classes, are based upon the 12th edition and NOT the 10th edition. You may get differing text and answers to the law quizzes in each class, and again you do so at "your own risk". 


Note: You can only download an IChapter to one computer. So once you download it to your home or work computer, print it out so you can take it elsewhere to study.  You cannot attempt to download it to two computers. So if you do download it to one, and forget to print it out, and you are doing your quiz at another location, you will not have access to the I Chapter.




Prof J.


updated: 7/22/13

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