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Business Law ( formerly "West's Business Law") - 11th Edition


Business Law: Text and Cases, 11th Edition

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Business Law: Text and Cases, 11th Edition

Kenneth W. Clarkson - University of Miami

Gaylord A. Jentz - University of Texas at Austin, Emeritus

Frank B. Cross - University of Texas, Austin

Roger LeRoy Miller - Institute for University Studies, Arlington, Texas

11th Edition ©2009

ISBN: 0324655223

ISBN13: 9780324655223

1416 Pages   Casebound 

West Business Law - 11th edition now required

Our paralegal program is now moving over to the 11th edition of West Business Law starting 1/01/09.  If you use the 10th edition or the 9th, you do so at your own risk


Starting Spring 2009 semester we will have two versions of West Business Law, customized for our students.


Customized Textbook for Business Students Only

If you are just taking Business Law I as a business student and do not intend on taking the remainder of the law classes in the Paralegal Studies Program, then order  11th edition - customized version - ISBN # 1424058570 - see LAMC Bookstore for current price -  You can order this at our College Bookstore at http://www.lamissionbookstore.com/ and they will send it to you by mail.


Customized Textbook for our Paralegal Students (here is what cover looks like


If you are taking the entire Paralegal Studies Program and Certificate with all 12 law classes then order the complete customized version and that is ISBN # 142405897X - see LAMC Bookstore for current price.  - Again you can order that from the College Bookstore at http://www.lamissionbookstore.com/


We provide these customized textbook editions to save you money. You will save money ordering the customized versions of both textbooks from our campus bookstore.


Many students email about using the 9th edition as it is much cheaper. The answer is as follows: if you plan on only taking Bus. Law 1 as a transferable class, then you should probably just download (at $2.99 per chapter) the 10 or so chapters we cover in that class from Ichapters- WBL  If you take Law 1,2, 10 and 19 for the paralegal certificate, then it would be better to just purchase the entire book and use it for the four (4) classes. If you decide to use the 9th Edition, you do so at your "own risk". The quizzes in each one of the four (4) classes is will be converted over to the 11th edition. If you currently have purchased the 10th edition and taken classes, and have a few more to use the WBL 10th edition, the change over to the 11th probably will not affect you greatly (probably a few missed questions on the quizzes).  You may get differing text and answers to the law quizzes in each class, and again you do so at "your own risk". If you purchase the 11th edition from the bookstore, you can re-sell it back to them for 50% (I believe). Contact the LAMC Bookstore about their "sale back" book policy.



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