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1. Work with LACCD District - Debra Harrington - on Student Success and other Staff Dev Chairs

see http://missionprofdev.pbwiki.com/Colombo%20-%20Staffdev


2. Learn how to update the Staff Dev webpage at lamission.edu - see http://lamission.edu/facstaff/staffdev/default.aspx


3. Collaborate with Basic Skills and Louise Barbato


4. Learn how to spend and manage AB 1725 funds for Staff Dev - see http://abogado.pbwiki.com/new-staffdev-funds - see http://missiongrowth.pbwiki.com/funds-from-state


5. Attend College Council as Chair - 3rd Thursday of the month - 1:30 pm in Campus Center 1 - provide written reports of Staff Dev Activities to Shirley Hollingsworth, secretary for the Council - see example at http://missionprofdev.pbwiki.com/report+to+College+Council+3-15-07


6. Review past activities of Staff Dev - see http://abogado.pbwiki.com/monthly-dev  and then plan activities for 2007-2008 - also see activity list filed with District and Calif. Community Colleges - for 2007-2008 - http://missionprofdev.pbwiki.com/activity-list-2007-2008


7. Review and learn basics of flex - http://lamission.org/flexonline/flexguidelines2002.htm


8. Coordinate with new Flex Coordinator on Staff Dev and Flex report due in August every year, also with Karen Hoefel who signs the report


9. Have Committee review and update Staff Dev Master Plan - out of date since 2000 - http://lamission.org/staffdev/staffdevplan.htm


10. Develop Faculty Best Practices - see WLAC list at http://www.geocities.com/proflloydthomas/facultyguide/index.htm


11. Work on training faculty on Student Learning Outcomes - check with Pat Flood


12. update charter - get final version from Leslie Milke - here is older version - http://lamission.org/charter/staffdev/charter.htm here is newer version - http://missionprofdev.pbwiki.com/f/charter3-staffdev.doc


13. Review past agendas and minutes and see what activities need to be reviewed, continued, etc. - http://abogado.pbwiki.com/agendas


14. review last flexday - 2007 - see http://flexday.pbwiki.com/ and start planning for Flexday 2008


15. Plan Student Success activities at Mission - http://abogado.pbwiki.com/SSI


16. Coordinate with Angela Echeverri on activities for College Collegiality and Code of Conduct


17. check to see if Tech Ed bill of $1500 has been paid for 2007 Tech Ed - see Jerry Huang - http://abogado.pbwiki.com/1-11-07%20minutes - also contact Matson Breakey at Tech Ed and negotiate $1500 fee for Tech Ed in 2008 - March or April 13th - 16th - http://techedevents.org/ - Ontario Convention Center and promote to faculty and clasified


18. Work on employee or faculty appreciation day - at the Fountain in May 2008.


19. Work on training of classified - MOUS Certificate? etc.


20. Work with Myriam Mekelburg on Denim Day - April 2008 - Denim Day and Clothesline Project - April 18, 2007 - Each year the LACCD declares April as "Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the middle of April as "Denim Day". In past years, Staff Development has combined two activities on the same day - Denim Day and the Clothesline Project - see http://www.denimdayinla.org/ and http://www.clotheslineproject.org/ . We will ask Prof. Myriam Mekelburg if she can organize her Sociology class again to do these project in the Quad.


21. Work on Brown Bag lunches - Brown Bag Lunches - The Committee would like to have faculty and staff provide talks on interesting topics which can benefit the College Community, including the students. David will email faculty and invite faculty to volunteer giving talks on topics of interest and importance.

22. Retirement Workshops - see Jerry Huang in Bus. Office he gave one last year

23. Longevity - they do tests to prevent or diagnose early  "heart attacks", etc.




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