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Page history last edited by abogado 12 years, 6 months ago

Reports 2008


January 2008



1/11/08  attend Elumen Presentation at LACC - on Student Learning outcomes - see http://elumen.info

1/5/08  student work starts his job - set up space and tasks for him to work on - see http://pbwiki.lamission.edu/to-do-work

1/16/08 attend moodle administator workshop

1/17/08  take inventory of all Title V property

1/18/08  test scanners at CET stations and draft instructions on how to use the scanners for posting classroom materials

1/18/08  check out free grading program at http://rredware.com - grading tool to integrate into on campus classes for faculty

1/23/08 move boxes at school - CET

1/23/08  train new Title V tutor on how to tutor students in moodle

1/290/08 demo moodle to faculty


February 2008



2/07/08   learn new update system - omniupdate - on how to update web pages at Mission

2/13/08   take Longman course management system and coordinate new online classes for ESL program

2/13/08   Tech Committee meeting

2/13/08   set up binder and materials on Student Success at  http://abogado.pbwiki.com/student+success+at+LACCD+-

2/14/08   review links at http://lamission.edu/online and update for use by our online students

2/14/08   review instructions on how to use the Digital Voice recorder and summarize for use by faculty

2/14/08   set up approved CMS portals for online classes - see http://missiononline.pbwiki.com/training

2/22/08  DE Committee Meeting

2/22/08  prepare list of faculty who have taught online both in etudes, moodle and coursecompass

2/22/08  Title V tutor continues tutoring students on moodle

2/27/08   Tech Committee meeting 


March 1008


3/04/08  VTEA meeting

3/06/08 Staff Development meeting

3/06/08  do faculty flyer and distribute to faculty on "How to Teach Online" scheduled for 3/10

3/06/08  Moodle training of faculty with Curtis Stage - Multimedia

3/10/08  CAOT online class - moodle meeting

3/12/08   Tech Committee meeting

3/12/08   organize "acceptable use" policies at http://missiononline.pbwiki.com/policies and post on the internet for faculty, students and staff.

3/14/08   Distance Education meeting

3/14/08   set up directories for law faculty and contact faculty on new simplified webpages at http://lamission.edu/directories

and contact faculty with the tutorial link to set up their webpages at http://www.lamission.edu/it/web.aspx

3/17/08  District Staff Development Meeting

3/20/08  Coursecompass training of faculty

3/20/08  prepare and post flyers for "Teaching and Learning Innovations" created by SuccessNet and to be held at WLAC on 4/11


April 2008


4/02/08  New SIS training LRC 205

4/9/08    Tech Committee meeting

4/10/08  Eportfolio Review at Trade Tech & Staff Development Meeting

4/11/08  Teaching & Learning Innovation Workshop - WLAC

4/14/08 - 4/16/08 -  Tech Ed - Ontario

4/17/08  Report to College Council

4/17/08  set up moodle page for Library Resources which students can use - see http://moodle.lamission.edu/course/view.php?id=261

4/22/08  District Distance Education - LA City College

4/29/08  set up Marie Zaiens with moodle page for LRC tutors

4/29/08  set up a compendium of links at http://del.icio.us/successnet - to be used by faculty and staff for Student Success

4/29/09 - set up a Student Success wiki page at http://mysuccessnet.pbwiki.com/ and post information about student retention




May 2008


5/01/08  Staff Development Meeting

5/01/08  Develop Flash Drive campaign and email faculty - 4 new activities to use to complete flex requirements before 6/30 - see http://mission-flex.pbwiki.com/flash-drives

5/01/08  set up blog for Student Success and post articles - see http://mysuccessnet.org

5/01/08  review video clips for faculty - see http://intelecomonline.net

5/07/08 - set up social network (beta) for students and faculty - see http://lamcspace.pyuple.com

5/02/08  Shared Governance Self-Eval Technology Committee

5/03/08  Work on developing and supporting "core technologies" at Mission

5/07/08  Tech Committee meeting

5/09/08  Student Success Workshop - LA Valley

5/19/08  District Staff Development Meeting - LA City

5/20/08 District Distance Education Meeting - LA City


June 2008

6/9 - 6/11 - Moodle Moot in San Francisco - see http://moodlemoot.org and also training as Moodle Admin

6/10 - 6/30 - Move from Instructional Buidling to Bungalow D - CET Center, and set up computers, and computer stations for faculty

6/24 - new VOIP training

6/24 - discuss new faculty portal system with IT

6/24 - work on Flex Day presentation - Incorporating Technology in the Classroom - see http://technologyinc.pbwiki.com







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