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time schedule for Sun. 6-11


5 am wake up, clean off table, showers, Eve nails, print out withdrawals, delete shows TVO


6 - 8 am - email, photos, expenses, bills, Call A/A and Sue and Ray


9 - 10 girls

10 - 12 market

12 wash cars

1 - 3 pm A and A

4 pm - 14,000 steps

6 pm dinner

6-9 call devin, emails, dj intro to podcasts/5 - expenses, bills, election results, organize photos, to bed early, water plant, empty garbage

mid term projects

suitcase repair

car repair Eve

framing of art

Vegas Trip

Tucson Trip - DJ

June 16th San Diego Trip

get kitchen floor cleaned

install lighting kitchen and biblioteca

write up Italy trip and organize photos, and do slideshow for family

long term

savour Italy trip

plan next trip

more reading

less TV

back on weight program, and become life time members of Weight Watchers

get off of Jenny Craig

get off of monthly charges - gym and storage

dj to study italian

Eve more time to relax and have fun with her sister

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