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How to Stop Receiving so many emails when students post to the forum discussions


"You can click on your name (upper right hand corner where it says: "You are logged in as ________". This brings you to your profile page.  . You can click on the tab that says "Edit Profile"  Then Click on "advanced search" in upper right corner.  There is an option titled "Forum Auto Subscribe". It defaults to the "Yes" response; you can change it to the "No" response.  If you want to do this on an individual forum basis, then you can go to the particular forum, and in the upper right hand corner “This forum allows everyone to choose whether to subscribe or not” you can then click on “Subscribe to this forum” and I believe this will unsubscribe you from the forums, eliminating all of the emails of classmates' forum postings.


If you didn't want to change the all-around default option, you can pick and choose which forums to unsubscribe from by opening the particular forum (for instance, "Forum Discussion 'Tort Reform'.") and select "Unsubscribe from this forum" near the top right of the browser."


(thanks to L.D. for summarizing this for students)


Also if you want to receive just one email a day, a summary of the posts, then you can click on  “email digest type” and change it to “ Complete (daily email with full posts)” - this will provide you a digest summary in just one email and will reduce receiving emails from all students when they post to the forums, and thus fill up your email in-box.

updated: 2-08-10

Prof J.

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