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NOTE: If this is your first term that you plan to offer live courses in ETUDES-NG, be sure I know about it. Please connect me with your lead DL Coordinator and lead IT person who will be working together to get me a properly-formatted file for the live sites. I need to be sure that you all have the sites and roster file specifications. Thank you!


Dear Colleagues:


This message is sent to DL Coords and/or Deans of each member institution that is offering live classes in ETUDES-NG and/or plans to begin starting January of 2007. I am also copying your lead IT person, if I have this information.


It is time to prepare for and install winter and spring ETUDES-NG live term sites for your faculty.


    • Please contact your faculty to find out who will be teaching with ETUDES-NG in winter/spring of 2007, and what courses and sections.


    • Gather information on their courses and sections, including mapping (if they plan to teach more than one section in the same site), and begin working with your IT staff to prepare a properly-formatted live term sites batch file.


  • Please ensure that your faculty are trained. Requests for faculty who have not been trained will not be processed.


  • DEADLINE: Please submit your live term sites file to me for installation

by: Friday, December 8, 5:00PM.


If you can get your live sites file to me sooner, you will have your live sites for January installed that much earlier. If you do not want to experience delays, please send me your file by the deadline. This will enable your faculty to prepare their sites before the holidays if they wish.

It is important to give them time to make changes, if they want.


Having said that, please don't feel pressured to send me information too fast. Sending it by December 8 will ensure that they are installed by December 15 (a week later). Please take the necessary time to determine who is teaching what, and what sections they need to map together, and send us as perfect of a file as you possibly can. Once sites are installed, it is VERY difficult to repair problems, not to mention the errors with roster importation during a very sensitive period of the term (first week of classes)! It creates a lot of work for everyone - a strain on resources.


Under no circumstances should we be installing live NG sites during the first week of the term, UNLESS it's truly warranted (new sections added by deans). We understand that there will be cancellations and course additions, and last minute teaching assignments. But, your file should include 95% of your winter and/or spring sites. We cannot install sites in pieces. As always, we will accommodate late requests, but there will be delays for late requests.


Thank you for your on-going support and assistance!


Let me know if there are any questions.





PS. Those of you who have short winter sessions along with your spring semester, please send live term files for both terms. This does not apply for LTCC and Foothill who are on the quarter system. It is too early for spring for you. Please send me your spring quarter live term sites file by February 16, or earlier. It's just two of you, so it's light.



Vivie Sinou

Dean, Learning Technology & Innovations

ETUDES Consortium Project

Foothill College

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