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The DE/Curriculum Shell Review subcommittee yesterday reviewed your shell for Fall 2008 and makes the below comments.


First, the Course Outline of Record is "out of date" and must be updated through the Curriculum Committee. This is something you can work with your Dept. Chair. Apparently this applies not only to your online class but to all of the Health 11 Classes.



Second, it looks like you are teaching two sections of Health for Fall 2008. Make sure that is the case with your Dept. Chair, and that you are not teaching an overload as you are teaching also at West and other locations.



We recommend that you obtain a developmental shell from Vivie Sinou - here is the link - http://etudesproject.org/site-request.htm and that you upload your shell to that Developmental Shell, and then we will do another review of your work. We would like to do this in June sometime.



Here are our comments:

  1. Office hours not posted.  Mission College requires set office hours, day and time specific, should also include a phone number.  Dept chair can provide a phone number at Mission if necessary.



  1. Textbook.  Mission College Health 11 book is not listed.  Please be sure the textbook used is the one required by Mission College and that the dept chair has ordered the book through the Mission College Bookstore.  Include title, author, edition and ISBN.  Mission uses the Hales text. 



  1. Exams.  The website reviewed for the West LA class had required on campus exams.  Mission online classes have only online examinations if it is an entirely online class. 



  1. Discussions forums Syllabus states “once a week online” but only three are identified on the syllabus.  The questions are not threaded discussions and don’t have evidence of critical thinking.  Insufficient discussions for Mission.  Suggest additional discussion forums based on lessons and powerpoint slides.   



The West LA class does not appear to be equal in rigor or quality to the on campus Health 11 classes here at Mission.  Please refer to the official course outline of record for the requirements at Mission.



We can work with you through this review process, so please let us know how we can help and if you have any questions.



Continue your excellent efforts and work in your online teaching. We value our online teachers and what important work they do for our college and students.



David Jordan

Chair of DE Committee



David Jordan, Esq. - Attorney at Law - Director Los Angeles Mission College Paralegal Studies Program
13356 Eldridge Ave, Sylmar, Ca 91342-3200
cell phone = 818-415-2015, school = 818-364-7720
home law page - http://lamission.edu/law Chair of Distance Education Committee - http://lamission.edu/de Chair of Technology Committee - http://lamission.edu/facstaff/technology

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