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  1. get skin checked out by Dr. Guagentia
  2. work with Louise Barbato and BSSA for Flex Day break out sessions
  3. Spring CETC Reports - due 5/31
  4. do Marian Manalo Fall 07 moodle shells
  5. prepare for Tuesday Civ Proc Class
  6. Email HVU re thank you.
  7. call Devin
  8. Plan DE meeting and DE breakfast
  9. check out Belinda CD - 1 for Fall
  10. order fall etudes shells by 7/27
  11. order shell for Som for History 12 for Summer 07
  12. BTA - Tech Ed and food bill
  13. work on Flex Day handout pack with Richard Rains
  14. confirm attendance at Parking Opening - 818- 364-7792
  15. check out VTA flyer with Rolando
  16. email faculty about @one training over the summer
  17. scan in pdf for Bk and Eviction for law 19

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