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report 3-15 to college council

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report to college council 3-15-06 - monthly-dev


1. Staff Development and President's Office sponsored a very successful - Student Success Symposium on 2-10 - check our website at http://lamission.edu/staffdev for posted notes, audio of that workshop - under "Student Success"


2. Staff Development in conjunction with the IT and Hanh Tran and the Academic Senate were able to obtain for $1500 - free attendance for all faculty, staff, classified, and even students to the Tech Ed Conference in Pasadena on 3/27, 28, 29 - Monday, Tuesday, Weds. at the Pasadena Convention Center - you can register free at http://techedevents.org/lamc - please email David Jordan what event you attended and any notes, so we can organize a list of new technology we can implement at Mission college.


3. Staff Development met on 3-02 and passed the following three motions:


Motion 1

Staff Development recommends that Mission College establish an hour at Mission each week, that is free for activities, speeches, etc. to promote College unit. no other meetings will be scheduled during the "College Hour"


Motion 2

Staff Development recommends that Mission College should establish a standing committee for Student Success and Retention with broad based participation through all entitties, units, and departments of the college.


Motion 3

Staff Development recommends that Mission College through its IT Department, Technologoy Committee, and other related departments and units develop a web based calendaring system with easy access, navigation and use to schedule events and activities at the college, and to establish and Ad Hoc Calendaring Scheduling Committee which will develop a set of policies, procedures, and priorities in the scheduling of college events.

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