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 program SLOS - law


Our graduates will be able to:

Produce reasoned analysis of the law.

Demonstrate the English writing skills and mastery of legal citation

practices necessary to produce legal documents.

Communicate effectively in interpersonal and formal public contexts.

Demonstrate knowledge of computer programs common in the legal


Locate primary and secondary sources of law using print and

electronic search tools.

Fulfill legal and general ethical obligations in academic and

professional settings.

Evaluate legal issues in diverse cultural contexts.



Graduates of the program will:

•Understand the substantive legal terminology and issues, ethical

values, and general office skills needed to function effectively in a

legal office environment.


•Demonstrate professional behavior and necessary competencies under the

supervision of an attorney in the completion of legal work on behalf of

a client.


•Exhibit interpersonal communication skills necessary to work

effectively with people in the legal profession.


•Understand the need for and participate in continuing education and

professional development opportunities in order to enhance one’s value

to a legal office.

---john thomas


John G. Thomas III

Assoc. Prof., Business & Paralegal Studies

Northampton Community College

Business & Technology Division

3835 Green Pond Road

Bethlehem, PA 18020

(610) 861-4546

fax - (610) 861-4127

Here are the objectives for the Fullerton College Paralegal Studies Program;


The Fullerton College's Paralegal Studies Program approved by

the American Bar Association (ABA) offers an Associate in Science

Degree and a Certificate to qualified students. The goal of

the program is to educate students to become paralegals who

perform effectively in a variety of legal settings and adapt to

changes in the ever-evolving field of law. This program prepares

the student for a career as a paralegal working under the supervision

of an attorney in either the public or private sector.

The objectives of the program are as follows:

* To maintain a program that is dedicated to quality education

and occupational competency for the paralegal student in

the field of law;

* To ensure that students receive specific instruction and training

in the skills necessary to succeed in any legal environment;

* To offer an ever-expanding curriculum which provides not

only a broad understanding of the substantive law, but

demonstrates and teaches the practical application of this

knowledge in today's legal environment;

* To stress the importance of upholding the general principles

of ethics, professional responsibility, and the prohibitions

against the unauthorized practice of law;

* To periodically review and revise the curriculum in response

to the recommendations of the Fullerton College Paralegal

Studies' Advisory Committee, the demands of the legal community

and the American Bar Association, as well as statutory

provisions contained within California's Business and

Professions Code;

* To provide the student with the opportunity to apply the skills

and knowledge taught in the program by offering the student

the ability to enroll and participate in an internship, thereby

providing the student with a modicum of legal experience

before entering the job market.

Hope this is of some use.

Dr. Steven A. Dayton

Director of Paralegal Studies/Dept. Coord.

Fullerton College

Fullerton, CA





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