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new epsilen account

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From: Welcome to Epsilen [mail@epsilen.net] Sent: Mon 3/26/2007 10:03 PM

To: Jordan, David C.


Subject: Registration Complete


View As Web Page


Congratulations David,


Your Epsilen account has been registered and activated. Your life-long ePortfolio web address is:




Your new Epsilen Account information:


Login Email Address: jordandc@lamission.edu

Login Password: djatty

ePortfolio Web Address: http://jordandc.lamission.epsilen.com


Your ePortfolio Web Address in an Internet Web address (URL) that points directly to your ePortfolio Home (Public) page.


This web address is the entry point for your ePortfolio. Entering this address in a web browser will take you or your visitors to your ePortfolio Home (Public) page. From there your ePortfolio can be viewed, assessed, and managed. You can login to your Epsilen account from you ePortfolio Web site or from http://www.epsilen.com .


Once you have logged in, you can begin using the "My ePortfolio" tools to customize your home page including uploading your picture(s), changing your color scheme, changing contact information, etc. Furthermore, as you explore other tools in your ePortfolio, you will be able to build a showcase, create/upload resume(s), maintain a daily Blog, etc. There are also many tools for professional and social networking and collaborating with others such as Groups, Courses, and Networks.


By registering and activating your Epsilen account, you confirm that you agree to the Terms of Service.

Epsilen is a registered trademark. Copyright 2000-2007, Trustees of Indiana University. All rights reserved.

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