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Introduction to Teaching with Moodle - New Session

with Joan Van Duzer

Monday, April 16 to Friday, May 11 (4 weeks)



register here - http://cccone.org/de/07spr/oc_reg.htm




Are you ready to become a Moodler? Moodle is an easy-to-use, open source, course management system for online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes. In this course, you'll learn how to enter a Moodle course shell, and organize and present content - including graphics - all without needing to know HTML! You'll discover handy tools for site, course, and student management functions, as well as tools for creating quizzes, assignments with due dates, grades, and interactive forums. You'll not only finish the course with a working knowledge of Moodle, but walk away with the foundation for your own online course, as well.


Learning Outcomes


By the end of this course, you will be able to:


  • Adjust Moodle course settings to create a customized online learning environment
  • Identify basic features in Moodle
  • Experience Moodle as a student, to see the result of deployment of various Moodle features
  • Add content to a new Moodle course by incorporating Moodle activities and resources
  • Implement Moodle's basic communication and assessment tools


Requirements for Completion - A passing performance on the following:


  • Participation in all required discussion
  • Completion of all assigned activities and exercises
  • Completion of all assigned quizzes
  • Completion of required elements in sandbox course


Hours Required


This is a four-week course. Course completion, including reading, online discussions and assignments, will take approximately ten hours per week.


Recommended Skills


  • Basic computer skills (use of word processor, email, file management)
  • Basic Internet skills (use of browser, searches, uploading and downloading files)
  • Familiarity with discussion boards


Technical Requirements


  • Fairly recent (not older than 3 years) Mac or PC with a current operating system
  • Current browser (Netscape 7, Firefox 1.0, or Internet Explorer 6 or later)
  • Internet connection, preferably broadband ( DSL speeds), but a 56k modem will do



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