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Meet & Confer - Online Law Faculty - 9-14-06


1. Our enrollment for Fall 2006 for our Paralegal Studies Program at Mission is the second highest enrollment since 1990 - 17 years ago - see http://missionparalegal.com/statistics . Thanks for all your great work in making our program grow.


2. Winter 2007 - online classes. These classes are by "priority" . This year was calculated on the past years teaching - http://abogado.pbwiki.com/winter-priority. The schedule for Winter 2007 is therefore - http://abogado.pbwiki.com/wi07


3. Spring 2007 - Here is the schedule for Spring 2007 - please let me know if anything has to be corrected in the schedule - http://lamission.edu/law/27wisp/


4. Student Learning Outcomes - Currently Mission is going through its regular 5 year accreditation cycle, and the new accreditation standards call for each discipline to develop its own outcomes and standards. We have established a set of program objectives - see http://profj.us/objectives and also seek to educate our paralegal around "core competencies - see http://profj.us/corecomp.pdf (adopted from AAFPE).

Thanks everyone for working towards these learning outcomes.


5. Recent Paralegal Survey - Recently we took a survey or our students, and I think you will find the results quite interesting and also very positive -

Here are the results -


Question: What do you like most about our current program? Please be detailed. What do you like least about our current program? Please be detailed - results: http://profj.us/paralegals/survey1.htm


Question: Please tell us how you found the program, and what ways we might promote the program so others can learn about it. - results: http://profj.us/paralegals/survey2.htm



6. Etudes NG Training - We are going to transition over to the new etudes ng course management platform, for our whole College, by Fall 2007. Already Elise and Jon have completed the platform. You can do it online at Foothill - see http://www.foothillglobalaccess.org/phpcalendar/calendar.php?catID=3


We will also have an on campus etudes ng workshop where you can get trained. We will send you an announcement of the dates and times. - see http://missionetudes.pbwiki.com for our last workshop in August.


Again thanks for everyones hard work in making our program one, if not, the best online program in town.



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