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Project Match & E-Learning


"Where Learners and peers are committed to achieving the same goals, they tend to regulate each other's performances *55, a positive outcome that can be facilitated through the use of shared, digital learning environments. The combination of wikis, blogs, and podcasting technologies then, has the potential to both liberate and tie learners togehter *55, creating dynamic learning communties


*55 - Jonoassen, DH, Peck KL, Wilson BG: "Learning with Technology: A Constructivist Perspective" Columbus OH; Merrill Prentice Hall 1999. excerpted from an article Debate: Wikis, Blogs and podcasts - a new generalation of Web-based tools for virtual collaborative clinical practice and education - Maged N Kalem Bouous, Inocencio Maramba, and Steve Wheeler -



Etudes Classes -



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