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 Marketing Ideas


good article - http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FCR/is_1_37/ai_99816487/


1. Internal - retention of students, and more students taking more classes


a. adopt a "c change" cultural change statement - eg. "Yes We Can" - "Yes We Care" - all staff trained to ask every student about their experience at Mission, how can we improve our services, and "have you thought about" "did you find eveything you wanted today" - walk to the student to where they need to go.


 "consistency of purpose,

correlating education with economic development, job retention and job creation

excellent facilities, forward thinking faculty and staff, outstanding support systems and effective management of resources.


Innovative programs involving partnerships with businesses and local government, alliances with community members and other educational institutions combined with a high-energy, on-campus environment have positioned the college as the model that other colleges emulate.


    *   Surpassing our expectations;

    * Offering more of everything;

    * Showing the way;

    * Continuing to excel and rise to the top;

    * Helping our students develop knowledge and a belief in themselves;

    * Inspiring passion, vision and determination in our students.

    * Meeting our community’s needs with a “can-do” spirit, positive attitude, and spirit of innovation, flexibility, responsiveness, and courage.


attend classes to learn, for the first time, about technology that will enhance their careers and their lives!


"now is the time, and this is the college" to get serious about a college education


 the chance to prove  yourself


 high school students interested in getting a "jump start" on their college educations


enrollment fee waivers


"what we can do to help? - for new employers and businesses moving into the community -

Employee Training Institute and the Center for Applied Competitive Technologies


indispensable workforce development


Small Business Development Center and High Technology Business Incubator


computer networking; graphics and multi-media design and computer information technology; the college


planning to accommodate the needs and wants of current and future students.


 to work together and guarantee that this exciting and nurturing "learning environment" will thrive


specific ideas


1. get Maury to the table with statistics of retention so we can measure it

2. check over and package certs in simple and easy way for students to understand

3. beter signage on campus

4. partnerships - green technology companies

5. every faculty has syllabus up at their portal, and every staff person has links on their portal page - wide spread adoption of portal system

6. pop up - live chat php for students accessing our pages

7. new programs and certificates

8. tie Life Long Learning - Community Extension to Academic Programs, eg. Spanish for Correction Officers, then at end of weekend training have Spanish Instructor come in and get people to sign up for Spanish classes

9. ESL tie into programs, certificates, etc.

10. Speakers Program at Mission - outside experts and professionals, roundtables, etc.


more ideas for marketing


some more phrases for the advertising and other ideas

1. one success at a time

2. dare to dream of a better future (not sure if I sent that one yet)

3. promote - low costs, open enrollment, location - see http://www.zanesville.ohiou.edu/geography/communitycollege/default.htm#Enrollment

4. ten hottest careers -http://www.collegeboard.com/student/csearch/majors_careers/236.html

we really only have paralegal and child development curriculum developed to meet these needs

5. challenge your mind at Mission College



steps to take

1.complete a strategic plan and include DE

2. set us a DE/weekend college

3. set up First Year College experience course

4. promote Enrollment champions

5. set up 3 sub - committees - recruitment, retention, and service (managing expectations) under a Student Success Committee

6. post an enrollment thermometer at parking lot entrance

7. create Situation Analysis (to include a SWOT Chart) for all 3 groups above

8. set up Enrollment Goals (to include a Discussion of Enrollment Mix)

o Strategies for Admissions Marketing and Recruitment

Recruitment of Traditional Age Students

Recruitment of Non-Traditional Students

o Strategies for Retention

Academic Advising

Academic Support Services

o Assessment Plan for Measuring Success

9. check out Lilly Grant Retention Project,

10. conduct the following surveys:

Adult Learner Needs Assessment Survey

Explores the perceived educational and personal needs of adult students.

Student Opinion Survey

Explores enrolled students’ satisfaction with programs, services, and her aspects of

their college experience.

Entering Student Survey

Provides a variety of demographic, background and educational information about

entering students.

Withdrawing/Nonreturning Student Survey

Helps determine why students leave college before completing a degree or other


Other survey categories


excerpts from the article - Developing an

Enrollment Management Model

at Indiana University South Bend





Enrollment management is the coordination of the functions that directly affect the

recruitment, admission, financial decisions, and retention of the students the school

most wants to serve. Managing enrollment includes: (1) the analysis of factors

influencing enrollment (including what attracts students and why they leave); (2) the

establishment of a good student-institution match in recruiting and admission; (3) an

orientation that facilitates the students’ transition into the university; (4) adequate

advising and counseling; (5) an attitude of service to students; and (6) promotion of an

overall responsive environment. 1



Enrollment management assesses the policies and practices that impact all areas of

recruitment and retention, anticipates changes that are likely to affect, and/or occur in,

higher education, and persuasively articulates to the campus community the need for

change within the institution. 2

The simplest definition is less administratively


All communication efforts should reflect a blend of statistics and stories. If communication is

limited to data alone, the perception will be that the committee is concerned only with enrollment

numbers. The effectiveness of communication will be increased if attention is given to a balanced

combination of data (such as enrollment profiles), emotion (such as the need to manage a response

to demographic and educational trends to maintain the overall organizational health of the

institution), and symbols (the outstanding campus individuals and the “points of pride” Indiana

University South Bend can highlight time and again).



a strategic plan - operational initiative that will require extensive involvement of staff as

well as faculty.


establish 3 groups


Recruitment and Retention – but I would suggest

three: Recruitment, Retention, and Service (or Managing Expectations). The Recruitment working

group would concentrate on recruitment, admissions, financial aid, orientation and related areas.

The Retention working group might focus on advising, counseling, academic support and cocurricular

initiatives. The third group – the Managing Expectations, or Service, working group –

would have a more flexible agenda. This flexibility will allow the members to tackle a variety of

tasks that do not readily fit under Recruitment or Retention; these might include the ability to

identify and endorse service initiatives, to promote a culture of service on campus, to articulate the

committee’s mission internally, and to present and discuss issues such as the changing nature of

contemporary students and the mix of generations on campus. (See Pilot Project #2.) The Service

working group could oversee the quarterly update.





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