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From: Linda Delzeit-McIntyre [ldm@youth.net] Sent: Tue 4/3/2007 10:19 PM

To: Ichon, Eric; Jordan, David C.; Lampert, Mark A.; McKenna, Paul G.; Cooperman, Michael J


Subject: Two updates for you


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Hi Guys!


Two quick updates for you:


1. If you picked up a podcast box from me, you need to be aware that an update to their server caused a bug to appear in the upload process. I found it and believe one of the boxes that I gave away at TechEd might not work in it's current state because of it. However, it's not a big deal because if the box is connected to a LAN and left on overnight, it will get updated. They are pushing the new code to the boxes between midnight and 6 am. It fixed the problems I had discovered and reported to them. I do not yet have your accounts created. I'll ping them again. Then I will send you the xml file as an attachment to email so you can download and save it to a thumb drive. Then you'll be able to ride on our service for a while.


2. The student accounts for Moodle will be created and uploaded starting with the summer session. This will occur in much the same way as the ETUDES classic worked. Here are some details:


* The student accounts will be tagged to the Course ID Number that is set in the course settings menu. We will be using the DEC configuration for identifying our classes. Each college has their own letter as we have been using for the ETUDES account file. Example: T790022007


T = Trade Tech class

7900 = section number

2 = second semester of the calendar year 0=winter; 1=spring; 2=summer; 3=fall

2007 = calendar year

* Things will be done in a two-step process. First, accounts will be created. Secondly, students are assigned to classes. When the class information is uploaded, it will indicate if a student is active or if they have been dropped from the DEC. If the student has been dropped from the DEC, he/she will be removed from the class but not removed from the student database in Moodle. If the student is reinstated, any work they did will move back in with them, assuming they have the same student ID number.

* Login id/passwords will use the same ETUDES classic configuration... two letters first name plus two letters last name plus last five student ID.

* I will test the system the end of April for LATTC. If all goes as planned, we will get the other colleges on board who want to be on board for the summer. So please let me know if you want to be included. It will be your responsibility to make your own shells and set the course settings correctly. We, at TT, train our teachers to import their own course data. I merely create the shells. They do everything else. I have already told them how to set the course ID correctly but I will need to verify it, of course.



Enjoy the rest of your spring break!


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