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law 34 -hints


on Quiz A the case deals with copyright infringment, so one of the keywords or search terms should include those terms. also I give you the court - it is 11th District - a federal court - so use federal court search engines,and not state court ones.

also copyright is a federally protected interest. by the way, the names have been changed, so you cannot just google the names since that is not the real name of the case. look for more search terms within the facts of the case. here is a helpful link for 11th circuit court opinions - http://www.law.emory.edu/11circuit/


on #6 - non competition agreement. one of the issues is reforming the contracts - so check out reformation of contracts, also it is an Arizona state appellate court case.


also here is the general pattern I use in grading your law 34 assignments


A(90-100) - got the case, show steps taken, and keywords, and analyze the elements of the case

B(80-90) - miss one of the above

C(70-80) - miss two of the above

D(60-70_ - miss three or more of the above


hope the above hints help.


prof. J.

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