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Welcome to Law 11 - Fall 2006


You can use either the 3rd or 4th edition of the textbook -

see http://lamission.edu/law/textbooks - call the 800 number to order the book - overnight express - otherwise it will take a week or longer for you to get the book. the number for Aspen Publishers is - call 1-800-638-8437


The textbook is Fundamentals of California Litigation for Paralegals

by Marlene A. Maerowitz, Thomas A. Mauet ISBN:0735524785


Welcome to class. Read information on "getting started", 1st day of class, syllabus, textbooks, course descriptions, etudes, how to login to your classroom. at http://lamission.edu/law. Bookmark this page. check out your class wiki at http://classwikis.pbwiki.com - the class is now open in etudes- see http://lamission.edu/law/26f and you can login - see http://etudes.pbwiki.com for information on etudes. You can work on the first 3 assignments and then on 9/03 the classes formally start.


also for login to etdues - go to http://lamission.edu then click online and click on your class

your login is http://profj.us/login and use your Student ID # and NOT your SSN - here is information on that




Prof Rose is your online instructor - http://lamission.edu/law/faculty/rose - legaleagle53@hotmail.com


We have a new service and that is livechat - you can click on http://lamission.edu/law and click on the icon.


If you have never taken an etudes class - then take the orientation at



Nice having you all as students. Make sure that you use your "tutors" and join us in the "meet and confer" sessions (dates to be posted soon) - http://profj.us/meet-confer Here is information on the tutoring program



Work hard, and enjoy the class. Remember "no late" work is allowed, see http://profj.us/late - so print out the "due dates" for the class at http://www.profj.us/duedates - the due dates include also a number of important links to review.


Remember to purchase your textbook at the start of class. Quizzes are based on the textbook. http:/lamission.edu/law/textbooks


Remember to read our policy on plagiarism



Our program embraces "Academic Honesty" - see article at


also remember, when you "post" in the forums, just go the lower right corner and click on "reply" (not on "post" at the top of the page) - also please use your full name, no credit can be given for nicknames, and do not register as a "user" - just post your response or answers as "unregistered user" -


Best of luck, nice having you as students and welcome aboard.


Also please join the Paralegal List-Serv. This will help us to keep in touch with you about the program, job openings, etc.



also we have a new site index to our page that is very helpful, it is found at http://lamission.edu/law

here is that link - http://lamission.edu/law/siteindex.html


deadline is 11:30 pm on given date. do not wait to login at 11:29 pm to post your work, as it possibly will not work. give yourself enough time to post your work.


here is how to cut, copy and paste




it is recommended that you open up your word processor, and save your work in document file, and then "copy and paste" over to the etudes box for posting your work. (the reason is that you can spend a lot of time working in an etudes box and your work is lost and not saved after you have spent a lot of time preparing your work - so instead save your work in a word processor, and then cut,copy and paste it over to etudes box. this is a very common mistake we have all made in working in etudes.


to get a simple word processor, in windows, click on start, lower left corner, then program, accessories and word pad, and then use that for your word processor.


best of luck everyone. prof. J and Prof Rose

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